4 Essential Features of Data Centers Necessary for Good Cloud Hosting

Data centers are usually the big facilities where a large number of networked servers reside together. Web hosting companies usually own their own data centers or rent data center space. The important aspect that one needs to realize is that the data centers are where the actual data of our hosted website or app is going to be stored. With that in mind, it is very important to ensure that the data center of your hosting company is up to the mark.

In this post, we are going to talk a little more about data centers. To be more accurate, we are going to discuss the parameters and features of data centers that are most important for Cloud Hosting. Cloud hosting is known to be an extremely scalable and reliable type of hosting. Let us understand what goes in, in terms of the data center to form the base for great Cloud Hosting services.

Reliable Power and Network Architecture

Cloud Hosting is known to be highly reliable. Even if one server fails, the Cloud Hosting architecture ensures that some other server on the Cloud takes its place and it does not lead to any data loss or downtime. In terms of data center parameters, the first thing that affects this is how reliable is the power across the data center. It would be most ideal if the power is supplied by independent and substations of power plants with adequate power supply redundancy.

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Network connectivity is another aspect that affects reliability. You need to not only ensure the data transmission is fast but also ensure it is reliable with the top of the line network infrastructure such as fiber optical cables etc. that provide lower latency and higher reliability.

Server Configuration and Capacity

Another important factor for Cloud Hosting is, of course, performance. Performance largely depends upon the quality and configuration of the servers. A little research on what is the latest technology in servers, CPU, RAM and other network peripherals will help you understand if the data center is working on the top of the line server configuration.

Another aspect is the data center capacity. When we speak about Cloud Hosting, its primary advantage is scalability. And with that in mind, even the business owners who opt for Cloud Hosting usually have website needs that require hosting resource scalability. That being said, if most of the hosted websites keep constantly upscaling hosting resources, the data center should be in a position to deliver this requirement. Hence data center capacity is definitely one of the important aspects to consider.

Disaster Recovery and HVAC

Disasters that lead to data loss or worse is a constant threat. No one can predict the occurrence but can only prepare for it. People who are considering Cloud Hosting, are also almost certainly aware of its reliability benefits. Cloud Hosting to be reliable, the data center needs to ensure they have the right infrastructure in place to make data redundant and reliable. Many times this depends on the kind of storage architecture that is used. For instance, Ceph Storage Architecture is known to provide a high level of data redundancy which makes the overall ecosystem a lot more reliable.

Having proper HVAC also ensures that the data center is reliable and also aids the performance. With such a huge bank of servers running together simultaneously, they tend to generate a lot of heat. Because of this heat, the server performance may go down or even fail. HVAC prevents this with architecture and infrastructure.


Although security is important for all kinds of websites using any kind of hosting, the sites usually using Cloud Hosting tend to be sites that need to handle a large number of visits. These include government websites, eCommerce portals, BFSI apps and sites that allow transactions, news and media houses, etc. Such websites need very strong security, both at the hosting provider level and the data center level.

Hope this helps you to understand what kind of parameters are important for data centers to form a strong and stable base for Cloud Hosting service provider. If you are in the process of selecting a Cloud Hosting provider, then you should definitely audit their data centers to see if these criteria are met. If you have any questions, please feel free to talk about it in the comments section below.

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