Dockcase – The best dock and case for Macbook Pro

The dock case is for the Latest Macbook pro. The Dock Case is all about the smart connectivity to the MacBook pro. It is a replacement of multiple connectivity ports which can make your flow of work much easier and smarter.

The Best thing for the MacBook is the protective carry-case with the nine-port docking station. It is quite troubling to use multiple of dongles at the same time for different connectivity. 

Dock Case For Macbook

This Dockcase is bought in order to make your work much easier. The dock case is the one stop solution with the very big ranging functionality, the dock case has incredible protection, it has been designed in a smart and a simple way to use.

Best Features Of the Dockcase

  1. Carry with Ease
  2. Complete functions
  3. Premium Dock
  4. Durable Case
  5. Nine Ports
  6. Five Port Types
  7. Wide Spacing

Sometimes we tend to forget the adapter which we need to carry and it will cause us much when we forget it, so here is the dock case which packs the MacBook Pro with all of the missing port in the back. 

The dock case has been designed as an ultimate accessory for your MacBook pro. When you get multiple things in one Dock, you never tend to forget and this is the best thing you will need for the MacBook Pro.

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There are multiple of dock’s available in the market which is really loose and very bad in the connection part, the data transfer which you try to do will be very slow which makes you pause for each and every transfer that you do.

This Dockcase connects great to your Mackbook pro which is a stable connectivity, the dock case is been provided with the Type C cable which will avoid the connection loose and the data loss while you are transferring.

  • The Dockcase is been designed in a unique way with the Nine different ports, 5 different connection types.
  • This dock case will let you connect to your


Hard Drive

Flash Drive





And many such things you can connect it with. This even saves your time and the best one for the MacBook Pro. It is of wide Spacing

Material and the Design of the Premium Dock

The Precision – Milled Dock adopts the premium aluminum alloy, it endures the abrasions and the heat dissipation. You can have a flexible use of each of the port. It is featured with the

  • Premium Chip
  • Aluminum Alloy
  • Clear Indications

You will be offered with the Premium Leather Case, it is the microfiber leather, it is a kind of the leather which will be used in the cars for the interior purpose with the soft touch.

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This premium leather case has the best strength and it endures the wear and the scratch which is much better than the genuine leather. Majorly

Featured with the

  • High Strength
  • Scratch Free
  • Anti-Slip Design

Specifications of the Dock case

  • The LAN Ethernet speed is 1000M
  • The HDMI output is 4k/30Hz, 1080P / 60Hz
  • The USB C PD power which is up to 100w
  • USB C 3.1 data speed is up to 5 Gbps
  • The USB A 3.0 data speed which is up to 480 Mbps.
  • It weighs around 333.6g.

Product offers you with four different colors that are

  • Burgundy Red
  • Umber Brown
  • Coffee Brown
  • Midnight Black

It is provided with the 2 versions, the Macbook pro 13 and the Macbook pro 15. For more details, you can check out the Kickstarter page here –> Dockcase Kickstarter

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