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How to disable JavaScript in Tor?

People have been longing for a secure way to access the dark web without being tracked for a long time now. The internet browsers such as Google, Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge have been able to provide their users with a private browsing window mode where their browsing history won’t be saved. Nonetheless, the ISP is still able to track your visited websites, even if you are using these Private Browsing modes.

This was before the Tor Browser was made available across the internet. Being run by a group of volunteers around the world, Tor helped in protecting the identity of the users and providing them with a platform to access the internet anonymously. Usually, users have been using the Tor Browser to create access points to visit the deep web.

Javascript in tor

Deep web is a collection of deep web sites links which are not indexed by our regular internet browsers and require specific configurations to visit them. While Tor Browser ensures maximum anonymity over the World Wide Web, users have still been tracked down due to JavaScript on the browser. Before telling you how to disable JavaScript in Tor, we would know a little more about the Tor Browser.

How to get Tor Browser?

As mentioned above, Tor Browser ensures that you are able to access the World Wide Web with complete anonymity. You can easily download the Tor Browser from a number of websites across the internet. However, it is advisable that you download it from their official website because of safety issues as other could have meddled with the bundle before uploading it to other websites.

Why is JavaScript Needed?

Most of the websites require the JavaScript to be enabled for smooth functioning. By default, JavaScript is enabled in the Tor Browser. However, enabling JavaScript provides the websites with a method to track your identity and location. They can do so by running few scripts on the backend. This is where a tradeoff between Enabling JavaScript for a smooth functioning of websites and Disabling JavaScript for privacy issues happen.

This is where most people using the Tor Browser prefer to use NoScript. It allows them to disable the JavaScript by default but allow a few websites whitelisted by you to run scripts in the background. This will ensure that you keep your privacy from websites you do not want to track you while also providing enough information to run scripts on websites that you trust. This is why you need to know how to disable JavaScript in Tor browser for safety reasons.

How to disable JavaScript on Tor Browser?

The Tor Browser is used by users for accessing the internet without being tracked. However, the use of JavaScript has comprised the privacy of many users in the past which led to a number of users trying to disable it in their Tor browsers. You can easily learn how to disable JavaScript in Tor on a Windows PC/Laptop by following the below mentioned steps:

By Using ‘NoScript’

The first method on how to disable JavaScript in Tor browser includes the ‘NoScript’ option. The Tor Browser comes preloaded with a ‘NoScript’ functionality added to it. You can use this option to disable the JavaScript on Tor. Click on the “$” sign on the top left portion of the browser and select the ‘Forbid Scripts Globally’ option to disable the scripts which can hurt your online privacy.

Doing it manually:

Next method on how to disable JavaScript in Tor post includes the option to disable the JavaScript in your Tor Browser manually by making changes to the configuration of the browser. Follow these steps to do so:

  • Create and open a new Tab on the Tor Browser

  • Type in the address ‘about:config’ (without quotations)

  • Search for JavaScript.

  • Locate the javascript.enabled option

  • Double click on this option so that it changes from True to False.

  • Exit the tab.

Remember, these configuration changes will be in effect till your connection is established on the Tor Network. You would have to config it every time whenever you open the Tor Browser Bundle.

By installing an add-on

The last method on how to disable JavaScript in Tor includes installing a Firefox add-on. The Tor Browser Bundle (TBB) 3.5 is based on Firefox 24. Therefore, you can also ensure that you can turn off the JavaScript by installing a simple Firefox add-on called QuickJS. This add-on provides you with a toggle on the toolbar for the above mentioned javascript.enabledabout:config control. You can use this toggle to switch between True and False by pressing the button on the toolbar.

For added security, it is advisable that you use both the about:config settings method and the NoScript method simultaneously to be safe.

Last Words

The Tor Browser is a useful addition to the internet community as it makes it difficult for people, organizations and websites to track your browsing activities. The Tor works on the principle of creating relays through the help of volunteers across the world and distributing your browsing network over these relays to ensure that tracking you is difficult.

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