Different Software Used for Presentations

Either you’re a businessman, student or an employee; you have to prepare presentations to address. Numerous software are available for making the presentation. You need to know about this software that offers the desired features. All of this software have upsides and downsides.

Software used for Presentations

Microsoft PowerPoint

Open the power point to give the title of the presentation. It offers a lot of features. You can insert image, change the background, add videos, and choose a template. Click on New Tab and switch over the next page.


This online software comes with the innovative features. Since 2008, it has become the most favorite presentation tool for people in business and students.


PDF file format is functional worldwide, and it is one of the most demanding software. Presenter can enjoy the numerous advantages,

  •    Save slides in XPS file format
  •    Create fascinating slides with drawing tools
  •    Add video and audio files
  •     Use the encryption option for sound security

Pdf Converters

Online pdf converters are available. You can change the file format by using the pdf converter. Now, you could enjoy the PDF features easily.


Professional also prefer the usage of the LibreOffice for configuring presentations. Click on Menu to see the icons of the software. It is useful and easy to manage. It contains features that professional are demanding in the 21st century.


Similar to Prezi, it is also an online software used for creating stunning presentations. Duplicate the presentation that appeals to your aesthetic sense, write your content, insert your favorite images, and present it. You can also upload powerpoint slide in it.

Google Docs Sheets

It contains various software like Google forms, Google Slides, Google Docs and Google Sheets. All these software are free of cost. Use the Google Slides for presentation objective and address the target audience across the world.


MediaShout is software designed for a presentation delivered in Churches. The user can use it on multiscreen to discourse with a high number of people. It is practical and straightforward software. You can use it in the class, public place, and casinos.


This software is the top priority of the multinational companies and business tycoons. The amazing graphics and visual effects, audio and video feature make it one of the best software.

Downsides of CustomShow

  •    High Cost
  •    Colossal time consumption of software development process

Camtasia Studio

This software is the innovation of the TechSmith. Professional use it for different purposes. It contains features like video maker and editor that increase its value.


The emerging Apple’s Keynote software is a trendy choice. It gives a lot of advanced features like file export, high-quality animation, audio transfer, offline usage and it is free of cost when you buy new Mac. Everything is good but not functional for PC

Open Office

The innovative software is obscuring the value of PowerPoint. Use the Open Office software to create the excellent presentations. You can transfer PowerPoint files, use the crop tool, visual tool, and Eyedropper tool to prepare the perfect presentation.

Nowadays, users are interested in new software for crafting presentation.

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