Cyber Ghost review

We rarely think in the fact that we mostly never stay alone. Even in an empty room, there possibly is a pair of eyes that stares at us via web camera on our PC or tablet. Hackers’ invasion is unstoppable.

However, we can easily protect our computers, houses or business from cyber criminals. Because there is nothing more precious than personal freedom. Freedom of doing whatever we want without being watched.

cyber ghost vpn review

After digging deeply into the topic, we have found the wisest solution to ease lives of millions of users.

Cyber Ghost VPN Full Review

The cyber ghost software was worked out to protect most of the computers and mobile gadgets. Here we offer detailed CyberGhost VPN review that proves this app is just what we all need.


Who can get used of VPN apps? This question worries every user. However, implementation areas cover needs of most users. The most common are:

  • Businesses. Companies are looking for cheap and proven ways of protecting their data. Good VPN services, like CyberGhost, create the certain circle of trust. Information can be freely used within them but never leaves the chain.
  • Students. When working on their papers they often face situations when needed information is blocked by the government. Quick access guaranteed under VPN.
  • Anyone else who takes care of their privacy and safety.


Just like all other VPN services, this one works as a virtual tunnel between our computer and Internet address. It hides our actual IP and location, redirecting our signal to the certain virtual server.

In some way, we put on a mask becoming invisible for everyone. People cannot track us, hack our computers or spy on us just because we stop existing for everyone.

Any online war where opponents promise to detect our IPs, find us and come over for revenge make no sense. As no one can track us.


The main functions of CyberGhost are safety and protection. But there are some additional options we should be aware of:

  • Hides our actual IP address and location.
  • Gives us virtual IP number, which changes every time we go online.
  • Erases our browser history so that no one could track our online activity.
  • Keeps all our passwords and logins a secret. They have not reflected anywhere.
  • Gives us access to any content blocked in our local area.
  • Shows us how our sites work in other countries.

Getting started

To start using CyberGhosts, one should choose a plan, download and install an app on their PC and register in the system. There are three kinds of packages available: Free, Premium and Premium Plus. Depending on what we choose, benefits might differ.

The software runs on Windows, iOS and Android. It is handy ad easy-to-use. Customers never face any difficulties with installing or functioning.

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