Wednesday, 15 Aug 2018
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World’s First Chilli K188 Fidget Spinner phone

The Fidgets spinners are the best interesting thing which is been introduced in 2017, this is also gained a lot of popularity in the whole world.

Actually, the fidget spinners are the toys which are been very popular these days among the children and the teenagers, and now the chilli mobiles have bought the new phone which is been named as K188. This is the first spinner phone in the world.

Chilli Fidget Spinner phone

This spinner phone is available for you in 5 different colors that are

  • Golden
  • Rose Gold
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Red

This is the world’s smallest phone ever which you can find. The size of this spinner phone is less than the size of the credit card which can fit your pocket very easily.

Features of the Chilli Spinner phone

The Chilli K188 spinner 0phone has 1.44-inch screen supporting with a QVGA resolution of 128 x 128 pixels.

It is offering you 125ppi of the pixel density.

It is been provided with 32 MB of the internal storage where in you can store up to 500 phone contacts and then up to 200 SMS this is just amazing.

This phone can be used as the standalone mobile phone or even as a Bluetooth dialer.

You can get access to pair it with your primary phone in order to make calls or receive calls directly through the fidget spinner phone.

In this phone, you have dual micro SIM card slots under the attached battery.

One more thing which you have to remember is you cannot use the jio 4G SIM on this device as it supports only 2G network.

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This phone does include the messaging app for you to send and receive the SMS.

This is been designed with the polycarbonate shell with light weight design.

This spinner phone can support an alphanumeric keypad along with D-pad touch button which can help you to type better.

This device does have a capability of supporting the Bluetooth headset which you can connect to your earphone via Bluetooth for listening to the music and also to make calls.

One thing which can make us happy is that the company can provide one-year manufacturer warranty for the device and even 111 days of replacement warranty across India.

You can’t find the micro SD card slot as you can see on the regular mobile phones. This does not have the music player and it doesn’t have 3.5mm audio jack.

The price of this Fidget Spinner is just Rs 899/$14 which is really worth paying so much for the provided features and the functionality of it.  


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