Wednesday, 15 Aug 2018
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10 Car Gadgets You Need for a Safe Drive

Advancements in technology have resulted in lots of car gadgets that can keep us safer while we’re driving. Keep reading for the ten best tech products you need for a safe and easy drive!

Car Gadgets

Backup Camera

A backup camera can give you a safer driving experience since you’ll have a better view of the area around you. Waterproof cameras are a great option to help you park and can also be ideal for getting rid of blind spots. If you don’t want to splurge on a camera, you can also just purchase regular blind spot mirrors for your vehicle. Just check out some reviews to find the best blind spot mirrors for cars before you purchase.

 Portable Battery

Keeping a portable battery in your vehicle means you’ll never have to worry about getting stranded somewhere because of a dead battery ever again. The Brightech Scorpion Battery Jumper goes for about $30 and only weighs around 14 ounces. Although it’s lightweight, it can still jumpstart any vehicle. It has a long-lasting, compact 44Wh lithium battery with a 400 Amp peak. Plus, the “SmartJump” feature protects it from short-circuiting, anti-recharging, and overcharging. Another great aspect is that it can also recharge your smartphone, laptop, tablet, or Bluetooth speakers all in one portable power bank device. The built-in flashlight will even send out SOS distress signals if you’re stranded somewhere!

Audio Amplifier

An audio amplifier like the MPOW Streambot Bluetooth Receiver can help prevent you from ever having a dead battery on your phone. The device plugs into your car’s auxiliary port and then can connect up to two phones through Bluetooth. Besides making sure you can stay connected, the receiver also lets you stream music wirelessly from your smartphone. Plus, it’s completely affordable at just $14!

Car Tracker

In case of emergency, it can be really helpful to have a GPS tracker (like the Spy Tec Mini Tracker) for your vehicle. The satellite technology, three-axis accelerometer, and motion detector all work to accurately and easily track locations. You’ll get updated data sent to you every five seconds! You can also get notifications (as a text or an email) whenever your vehicle is leaving a specific area. Another great safety feature is that the Spy Tec model has an SOS button that can be configured to call the police or emergency contacts.

Anti-Sleep Safety Device

There are several types of devices that can help prevent you from falling asleep at the wheel. There are wearable anti-sleep alarms (available on Amazon) that constantly measure your levels of awareness and concentration with built-in cutaneous sensors that keep track of your brain activity. When your level of concentration drops or you’re showing signs of being drowsy, the alarm alerts you immediately.

A similar device, CarVi, is a smart driving assistant that monitors your driving habits to make sure you’re safe at all times. It can provide extra ‘eyes’ on the road to help assess your position in your lane and the location of the car ahead of you. It warns you if you’re coming too close to another vehicle and can help you keep a safe distance if you tend to tailgate. The customizable options mean there are warnings that can help you adjust your driving patterns to be safer.

Scan Tool

To make sure your car is always driving at peak performance, consider purchasing a scan tool that can help you check your car engine to determine if there’s an issue. If your car’s check engine light goes on, just use this tool, and it will automatically give you a code that will tell you what the problem is and what you should do to fix it. The large LCD displays on these devices make it easy to view test results immediately. This tool will give you some peace of mind about safety, but can also help you avoid unnecessary trips to the mechanic.

Digital Tire Gauge

Skip the analog tire gauge, and check out a more accurate digital version. All you have to do is turn the device on, and then push the nozzle onto the tire’s valve stem. For around 10 bucks, you can always be sure your tires have the correct air pressure. Plus, this tool can help you prolong tire life and avoid any abnormal wear.

Automatic Adapter

By plugging an automatic adapter into your car’s OBD-II port, you can immediately get important data about your vehicle. These devices usually come with a mobile app that you can use to get the data sent straight to your smartphone. It’ll tell you if anything’s wrong with your engine, let you check your trip mileage, and even call for help during an emergency.

Wireless Charger Car Mount

Mounts that help charge your phone wirelessly can also make you a safer driver – you won’t be reaching for your phone all the time! Some models come with dual USB ports and quick charging options that can give you a charge that’s up to four times faster! If you don’t need a full charger, you can also purchase magnetic phone mounts that are becoming more popular.

HeadUp Display (HUD)

HeadUp displays can completely revolutionize how you use your car. The device uses augmented reality to display important vehicle-related data above your dashboard. The projection can give you visuals of maps or messages, so you never have to look down at your phone or regular dash. You can even customize your display so you can see the speed limit, MPG, fuel range, RPM, compass, etc. The HeadUp display even lets you answer calls and texts without having to reach for your phone. Some models on Amazon are pretty cheap too – you can find several options for around $40.

Any of these ten gadgets can help ensure that safety is a top priority! So, buy these today and have a safer drive tomorrow!

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