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Buy now pay later websites & Catalogs without Credit Check

You might have heard the concept referred to as Buy Now Pay Later. Though it is of quite a recent origin, it has been catching up faster enough. There are several websites that offer you Buy Now Pay Later Options. In fact, these plans are targeted at those who have less than perfect credit score but would want to improve their credit score. How does Buy No, Pay Later Options work? We will be checking them out in today’s post.

Buy Now Pay Later – How Does It Work?

Actually, the Buy Now – Pay Later option is a means of Long-Term Payment. The concept is also referred to as Hire Purchase in some regions.

The Buy Now Pay Later can be a good option if you want to buy an item, but do not have enough money at the moment. You can buy the item at the moment and the store will provide you an interest-free credit period for paying off the amount corresponding to the purchase value.

The period may extend from six months to a year. The Buy Now Pay Later option is quite helpful when you need to make urgent purchases and have no cash in hand, and this includes those special occasions in your life! The installment option would indeed be a lifesaver in those circumstances.

If you are unable to pay within the period, you will need to pay interest on the outstanding amount. The interest charged is normally in the range of 20 to 40 percent.

Top Five Buy Now Pay Later Websites

There is no dearth of websites and stores that offer Buy Now, Pay Later options. We have made it a point to include a few sites that have been offering affordable and comfortable plans. In fact, if you repay well within the stipulated time, you can even build your credit score with the stores and get special offers!


If you are looking for clothes and want to explore a few buy now pay later websites dealing in clothes, Ashro is what you should never miss out. It sells a range of clothes ranging from formal, semi-formal, casual clothing for both men and women.

Ashro has no physical stores. You can only make the purchase through online mode. Just sign up for the service and you are good to go. The online store is known for clothes with African prints. Ashro also has special coupons available on eBay and other services.


Fingerhut sells everything from furniture to jewelry to the electronic items- you name it, they have it. In operation since 1948, Fingerhut has been one of the top ends buy now pay later sites.

Fingerhut Home Page

An online store is a well-known option in terms of branded items. Just like Ashro, it does not have any physical store. Fingerhut does check your credit score before offering you the schemes, but you will not be intimated of the exact credit score that you need for approval. Boasting of over 450,000products, you should be able t find everything you have been looking for. Fingerhut claims that they have been offering the credit facilities even to those who have not been rejected by other service provides. In short, you can approach them even with a low credit score.

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One of the latest entrants among the buy now pay later no credit check no down payment services, Gettington has been around since 2009. You can opt for a host of products under their Buy Now Pay Later campaign.

They have over 350,000 products. In addition to the Pay Later options available on the site, you also stand to get up to a 40 percent off on a range of products. The Getttington credit issued by WebBank lets you buy everything you want to and pay in easy installments. The store also offers you special offers, deals, and selections from time to time. Never forget to check them out regularly. The website runs weekly deals most of the time.


Popularly known as Home Shopping Network, HSN has been in the business of online selling since quite long. You can opt for the Buy Now Pay Later scheme through HSN’s Flex Pay!

Buy anything – right from high-end electronic item to jewelry or even furniture – and pay for it in easy installments. The online network has thousands of products you have been longing to own but stopped short because of a shortage of funds. Right from clothing to electronics, beauty supplies, home goods, jewelry and what not – choose everything you want and pay later. HSN has been a well-known website for its flexible financing options. The service has everything for everyone.

Bradford Exchange

Well, this is an online store that is quite different from the rest of them. Bradford Exchange specializes in artisans and innovative items.

Bradford Exchange has been a name to reckon with in the field of limited-edition collectibles and fine gifts. You can opt for the Buy Now Pay Later options, but they do not have their own credit system. You can make payment through the credit card of your choice but can opt for installment options at the time of checking out. The installments are interest-free! Most of the items are available to include limited-edition collectibles, dolls, figurines and home décor, plus fine jewelry and apparel. And yes, all of them come with a guarantee of at least one year.

Before We Conclude…

Well, we have listed the top five Buy Now Pay Later websites that caught our fascination in this compilation. We do assume that we have been able to help you find a couple of stores that would have met your needs. The Buy Now Pay Later options available would indeed be quite helpful – especially during the festive season that is fast approaching.

Having listed out the top five Buy Now Pay later websites, we would request you to pay attention to the repayment schedule and make regular payments of your installments. If you fail to make regular payments, you may end up paying hefty fees at 20 to 40 percent. Moreover, you will lose the credibility, and may not be able to make use of any such Buy Now Pay Later options.

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