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Bumble May Be the Answer to Finding Your New BFF

Bumble has helped countless couples from all over to find love in places that they never expected.

This online dating app has been top-rated for years in terms of matching up unlikely strangers and launching new romantic relationships.

One of the most important pieces of feedback that satisfied users had regarding the app was that once they noted that they were in a relationship on their profile in the app, they were no longer able to use their Bumble account to meet other people.

Bumble BFF App for Android & IOS

Some women found this disappointing because they thought Bumble could be a great way to connect with like-minded women in their area and form new friendships.

Whitney Wolfe, the founder of Bumble, listened carefully to all of this helpful feedback and came up with a great solution. She enabled the app to include a friend-finding feature so that women could find out what other types of ladies are in their general area and connect with them for friend dates.

This is something that many professional women have been craving for quite some time because it can become increasingly difficult to find a friend group after graduating from college and moving to new areas.

If you are an unmarried woman without children, it can be tough to find women in your general age range to connect with because many of them already have family commitments or their own established social circle to hang out with regularly.

Users have found this feature incredibly easy to use so far. There is no need to download a separate app in order to turn on the Bumble BFF finder. You simply swipe over to it while you are already logged into the existing app.

Even if you have already tied down a romantic partner without the help of an online matchmaking service like Bumble, you can still use the app only to find your new best friend.

You have the option of only showing your profile for the friend-finding feature of the app if you are not interested in dating. This allows you to control exactly how you want to interact with the app and maintain the privacy settings that you select.

You can change the dating and friend-making parts of the app at any point by simply clicking a button.

The way that the app works is that you input all of your personal information just like you would for your dating profile. You will receive pictures of BFF matches within a certain range of your home location and will have the chance to swipe right if she seems like a good friend match or left it does not look like the right fit for you.

If both you and another female user swipe right on each other’s pictures, you will be notified and told that you have 24 hours to reach out to the other person to set up some plans to meet up for the first time.

If neither person chooses to reach out, the option expires, which puts a bit of a time limit on your communications.

The neat part about this feature is that it forces you to take action when you might otherwise just put it off and lose out on the chance to meet someone fabulous right in your own backyard.

If you are still not sold on the need for this friend-making feature, just start thinking about all of the things that make it tough to find the ideal girlfriend or boyfriend. You might not have time to go on a ton of first dates.

It could also be that you are unfamiliar with a new city and do not know the best places to go to meet people. The same challenges exist today for women who are looking to make new friends and not be a hermit after work.

The older you get, it is even more difficult to expand your friend circle because many people are already settled into their routines and social settings.

This app allows adventurous women to forge ahead outside of their comfort zones and connect with other women who have similar goals and interests without having to go through the awkward process of asking to be introduced to people they have never met before.

The more that women start taking over the workplace and crushing their own careers, the harder it seems to get for women to connect with each other outside of the office.

The beauty of this new feature on the Bumble app is that it brings women one step closer to truly being able to have it all.

There is no telling where the connections you make on this app could take you, and there is no risk at all in using it to find out. Your new BFF could be just a few miles away

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