Wednesday, 15 Aug 2018

Brid Air Purifier – Nano Technology that will change your life

What is the Bird Air Purifier all about?

Bird Air purifier is the first Air purifier of this kind. It kills the bacteria, ODORS, Pollution, Allergens and many such. It is been bought up with the unique stunning Italian design. It is completely elegant, Compact and versatile.

Brid Air Purifier

How powerful is this Bird air purifier?

  • The Bird uses an exclusive multi-patented version of the PCO.
  • It has been provided with the latest technology to completely vaporize the pollutants, the Carbon Monoxide, Nox, ODORS, the Bacteria, Formaldehyde, Germs, Mold Spores and many such things out there.
  • It has a capability of transforming them into the harmless substances.

The best Merits of air purifier

  • The Bird uses an amazing and powerful cleaning technology which is known as Photocatalytic Oxidation.
  • Telling about the bird, it is not that mere conventional filter.
  • The major thing all have to know is that the Bird patented innovation will not use the UV light.
  • The bird is provided with the breakthrough technology leap.
  • This bird is the only purifier which can offer you the amazing washable filters, you don’t have to worry as it does not require to replace it with any of the expensive filters.
  • The Bird is been provided with an exclusive, patented ceramic module which can let you allow the nanoparticles which are to be baked permanently into the core, n I can bet that no other air purifiers can do that.
  • The bird is the only fantastic and the smart purifier in the market now.
  • The bird is been designed in Italy, which is been the powerful high-tech air cleaner.

How exactly does this Bird Air Purifier work?

The Bird is been provided with the high-tech Nano Ceramic Honeycomb filter uses that is the “Titanium Dioxide” which is been modified in order to work great with the LED visible light.

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The titanium dioxide is a well known and even it is scientifically well certified and documented process, so this can completely purify the air, and that’s the best thing of the bird which can be the best when it is compared to any other purifier in the market.

The very best thing of the bird is that the filters which the birds use is very expensive but you don’t need to replace them.

What are the differences you can find when you compare Bird with the other purifiers?

The Bird is actually the result of 13 years of the development. The actual thing is that the Bird is the only commercial purifier which will use the nano Ceramic Core filter and the LED visible light so hence this is the photocatalytic high-tech purifier which will not generate the harmful ozone.

How come the Bird is cheaper than the nano Purifiers?

It is cheaper as the bird is being sold directly instead of the intermediates and then it uses the patented technology very exclusively. The Bird is offered to the customer with the market for the very first time. And the major thing that is the nano-ceramic filters cannot be replaced, the Bird can drastically reduce the costs of the customer’s overtime.

How come the bird does not produce the OZONE?

This Bird air purifier uses the exclusive patented process which will react to the LED visible light and then the modified Ti02 that is with the intention to clear the air.

The Bird is designed in such a way that the Bird’s technology will not produce the ozone that is the byproduct of the virtually every photocatalytic purifier which will use the UV lights, which produces the ozone.   

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