Everything you need to know about Boston Dynamics

What is Boston dynamics exactly?

The Boston Dynamics is actually an engineering and the robotics design company where the company’s major priority is for the development of the BigDog, a quadruped robot which is mainly designed for the U S with the benefit of getting fund from the Defense Advanced research Projects Agency and the Di-guy, software for the realistic human simulation.

This company was founded in the year 1992. The headquarters of the company is in Waltham, Massachusetts, United states.

If you check with the early stages of the company it has worked great with the American systems corporation under which the contract from the Naval Air warfare Center training system and the divisions that are “NAWCTSD” which is to replace the naval training videos for the aircraft launch operations with the great 3D interface computer simulations. The president of this company is “Marc Raibert” he is the president and the manager.

Boston Dynamics

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In the year 2016, the Bloomberg news revealed that the alphabet Inc was actually planned to sell the company with the Toyota and the amazon as we know that are the great parties. Let me share you something about the products


This is a quadrupedal robot which was created in the year 2005 by the Boston dynamics. This was actually funded by the DARPA hoping that it will be capable enough to serve the robotic park mule to accompany the soldiers.Find & Trace Mobile number in India by utilizing different apps & websites.

An alternative to the wheels the big dogs have used four legs for the movement and that will allow to easily to move across the surface which would defeat the wheels definitely. This was designed to carry around 340 pounds that are 150 kg with the soldier at 4 miles per hour which are not a simple thing at all.


This is a four-footed robot which can move across at 28 miles per hour. The cheetah has done a record in the year 2012 of the land speed of the legged robots. Prior to the, there was also a record of 13.1 miles per hour which was in the year 1989 at MIT.

The original cheetah robot which runs on the high-speed treadmill wherein it is powered by an off-board hydraulic pump and also a boom-like device which is kept running in the center of the treadmill. This is free running Cheetah which can operate naturally in the field.


This is a small quadruped robot which has been developed by the DARPA which is again by the Boston Dynamics for the research. This is intended as the testbed for the other institutions.

The Boston Dynamic maintains the robots for the DARPA which is a standard platform. This little dog comes with the four legs each of them is powered by the three electric motors. The legs have a huge range of the motion. Check out the Watch Cartoons Online For Free and download the videos for the same.

The little dog is pretty strong enough to climbing and the dynamics locomotion gaits. The little dog development is funded by the DARPA information which is processing the technology office.


This rise is a robot which can climb vertical terrains like the walls, the trees, and the fences taking the help of the feet with the micro-claws to climb easily on the textured surfaces.

It will be changing the postures to conform to the curvature of the climbing surfaces the tail will help to balance on the steep ascents. This is around 0.25 m long, it weighs around 2 kg and it will travel around 0.3m/s.


This is a comparatively small robot which is capable of jumping 30 feet. (9.1m) straight up. Sandflea is a wheeled robot which will weight around 11 pounds which is 5 KG and that works like a kind of remote control car which can work great with the flat surface.


PETMAN stands for “Protection Ensemble Test Mannequin” is a bipedal device which is constructed for testing the chemical protection suits. The petman is actually the first anthropomorphic robot which can move dynamically like a real person and that’s really incredible.

The more technology is taken from the Bigdog. It’s not like the previous testers which actually had a specifically limited repertoire of the motion and this will support back mechanically.

Petman is capable enough to balances itself and it can move freely, walking, bending and doing a great variety of suit-stressing in the time of exposure to chemical warfare agents.


LS3 stands for Legged Squad Support System is also known as AlphaDog, this LS3 is militarized version of the big dog. This is much for the military use, which is capable enough to operate in the hot, cold, wet, and event at bad environments.

This is designed in a way that it can work great anywhere and the soldiers go on the foot, and it can help to carry a huge load. It will travel to designated locations using terrain sensing and the GPS. Save Snapchat videos, images & Stories by using snap save.


This is an Agile Anthropomorphic Robot “Atlas”. The size is around 6 foot which is around 183 cm. This is a very high mobility, this is a humanoid robot which is given main prior to designed to negotiate a great outdoor and rough terrain.

This atlas works like leaving upper limbs which will help easily to lift, carry it and then manipulate the environment.


This is a six-legged robot with the high mobility. This rhex works like the controlled legs which will produce great specialized gaits with the minimal operator input.

This is capable of climbing on the rock fields, in the mud and the stand, vegetation, on the telephone poles and the stairways. It comes with the sealed body which can even be operational in the wet weather, muddy and the swampy conditions.

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