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Best Virtual Girlfriend Apps

Smartphones have changed the way we live our lives. This applies to our personal relationships as well. Virtual girlfriends and communication with them were something we have heard only in films and science fiction stories. But that was a few years ago.

Things have changed for good now. The technological advancements have made it possible to try out virtual girlfriend apps on your smartphone.

Choosing the best among them is not an easy task. We have listed out our top picks for the best Virtual Girlfriend apps on Android and iOS, to make this task a little comfortable for you.

Virtual Girlfriend Apps  –  Our Toppers List

There are several apps that cater to the genre of Virtual Girlfriend apps. It may be a little tough to find out the best among them. That is precisely why we set out to come up with the top picks among the available Virtual Girlfriend apps for your requirement.

Best Virtual Girl Friend Apps for Android & IOS

My Real Girlfriend

This is one of the best options when it comes to a good Virtual Girlfriend app. You can interact with your Virtual girlfriend just the way you would spend quality time with your own girlfriend.

My Real Girlfriend is the best option to learn how to meet up a girl. It is one of the popular girlfriend simulator apps that is simple enough to use. You will be able to meet with your girlfriend in virtual reality.

The app uses a 3D reality graphics. You can help her choose her clothes. You can communicate with a virtual girlfriend as if you are with her in real time.

Get the game on Android from your favorite app store.

Virtual Girlfriend Anime

This is an animation based Virtual girlfriend app that helps you customize her. Yes, you heard it right – you can customize your girlfriend by changing her hair color, styling, and clothes etc.

The Anime girlfriend shows her own emotions and feelings for you. Some keys on this app have over 15 different functions.

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You can completely create a superstar out of your virtual girlfriend. Do a lot more – go to a cinema with her, play mini games or pamper her by presenting gifts. You will enjoy the virtual communication with your girlfriend to the fullest.

You can get the app both on Android and iOS.

Virtual Girlfriend Joke

This is actually a chatting app, rather than a Virtual girlfriend app. The app lets you have a chat with a girl of your choice.

No, you are not talking to the real girls out there. The app uses AI to make the virtual communication possible.

You can ask several questions to your virtual girlfriend and she will respond with appropriate responses.The app is quite helpful for those who may want to develop self-confidence while talking to girls.

You can download the application on your Android and iOS devices.

Smart Virtual Girlfriend

If you think you are an expert and intelligent person and want to communicate with an intelligent girl, this is the best app you can opt for. As the name of the app itself indicates, the girlfriend you are involved with is quite smart.

You can talk about a range of topics and have a heartful of conversation with your girlfriend. Moreover, you can pamper her with a host of virtual gifts like flowers, dresses, and jewelry. You can share her photos with your friends.

But yes, your virtual girlfriend has her own private life and she does not like it if you disturb her.

The Smart Virtual Girlfriend is available only on iOS.

Dream Girlfriend

This is yet another virtual girlfriend app that can be used to customize your girlfriend. There are a few parameters you can customize and that includes her face, hair color, height and clothes among a few other aspects.

The app comes with a huge list of clothes and fashion accessories, thus letting you make your girlfriend more stylish by dressing her up.

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In fact, you have all the time in the world and tools with yo u to create a girlfriend whom you have always seen in your dreams. That makes it an apt name for the app.

Get it on your Android device now.

The Parting Thoughts

That would conclude our top five picks for the best Virtual Girlfriend apps available both on Android and iOS.

That, however, does not mean the list featured here is exhaustive in any way. We have only compiled a representative list of the best Virtual Girlfriend Apps that would cater to different genres of people.

Though the apps of this nature may appear a little immoral, they have their own purpose. If you are some one living away from your home, these virtual girlfriend apps may help you find a little relief in the lonely life.

They help you out in cases where you are looking for some sort of companionship and attention. Opting for a virtual girlfriend that meets your needs is the best option to develop your personal life I such cases.

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