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Best Stud Finder Apps for Android

The stud finder apps can be helpful for everyone. This can be really a useful app which can help you out in finding something. Especially in times where you have lost metal things so these stud detector apps can help you out.

These apps will have the magnetometer sensor which can target the wall studs by pointing out the metal joists, the nails, the screws, the studs or it might be any of the other metal conducting in the wood studs which will be located beneath the drywall, the plasterboard and even the sheetrock every wall. 

Best Stud Finder Apps For Android

Once you download these apps you won’t be having any problem and your smartphone can become a metal detector. These apps can also analyze the different things which are made of the metal.

8 Best Stud Finder Apps for Android

Let me share you with the best stud finder apps for your android device which can benefit you in a great way.

Magnetic Stud Finder

I can tell that this can be something special for you. This magnetic stud finder app comes out with the bubble level view.

So with the help of this, you can find all the ferromagnetic things in the place around you like the pins, the nails, the steel screws, the spikes, the hobnails and any of the studs which are made up of the metal. If you are looking for websites to watch your favorites anime’s or cartoons then check out this article on Watch Cartoons Online for free

This app can work much better if the thickness of the layer in which you are searching that metal should not be more than ¼ inch or maybe not more than 6MM. this app can work great on the drywall even though if it is covered with ceramic tile.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

Stud Detector By Guylyhey

This app has been designed in a great way this app includes a special chip which you all would like the most. Here you get an access to customize the sensitivity which you want and that depends on what you are going to find and even the thickness matters there.

This app works like you can move the magnetometer location maker and then the green stability indicator will be displayed which you can see Firstly once you start working on it.

If that shows you all the 3 red LED’s that means that is indicating that you are almost closer enough to the object.  You will be provided with the instructions how to use this app.

Stud Detector
Stud Detector
Developer: Guylyhey
Price: Free+

Stud detector By Chatterbox Software

This is a completely unique app from other apps. This app can work great on your smart phone and even on your tablet. It is very user-friendly and supported to all the devices without any errors.

Will come with the incredible design to configure the screen operation you can see and then even listen to the results of the research what is happening.

It is very cool displaying the magnetic field magnitude and the unique optional vibration and the audio feedback system.

This will help you in search of all metal things like the framing studs, screws, nails in the walls and many such things you can find here. It has a great customization.

Stud Detector
Stud Detector
Price: Free

Metal Sniffer: Metal Detector

The metal sniffer is the one which can let you figure out any of the metals or the electrical wiring within the wooden walls to 15km cm away. a

This app can also act great as a detector for the ferromagnetic objects and it may not work that well if the magnetic field magnitude becomes not strong enough to pick up. Anyways it depends on the capability of your smartphone sensor. Check out this amazing article on How to Save Snapchat Videos for free

This app works with the newer versions of the Android like the honeycomb and the gingerbread and it optimized for the ice cream sandwich and much more.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

Metal detector by Kurt Radwanski

This app can be the best for the Android users who are looking for the metal stud. You may feel that this is not user-friendly so before you take this app in a wrong way you can just read the instructions first and then go ahead to use this app.

Nothing complicated about using this app it is the same way just search it with the help of the phone sensor and you have to just wait for the word “detected” displaying on the screen.

Metal Detector
Metal Detector
Developer: Kurt Radwanski
Price: Free

Metal detector by Dexati

This is just not an app which will show you the metal stud, nails and also that stuff, this will also show you the scientific calculations. As we all know a common thing it will work by using the magnetic sensor on your phone.

This has a special physical quantity which can show you the magnetic field in microtesla. If the app tells you that the EMF is more than 49 microtesla then you have found some metal next to you. You can really have a good time with this app.

Metal Detector
Metal Detector
Developer: Dexati
Price: Free

Stud Finder By StarvingMind

Update: This app is no more available in play store

This may not be that great app when compared to the other apps which I have mentioned. This app comes with the original thematic designs with the pictures which will provide you with the instructions while you are doing some research.

This will also tell you the calibrated noise level and also the current noise. This app can automatically determine the meaning of the sensitivity of the magnetic sensor. This app can work well with the Android.

Metal Detector by NETIGEN

This app can show you all the fluctuations schedule of the magnetic field. It also does have another physical quantity that is the mG that is million gauss. 1 microtesla is equal to the 10 million gausses.

If there are any changes in the magnetic field the schedule will show you the hesitation. There are green red and the yellow lines which are the 3 dimensions which can increase the indication level.

The indicating works like the device will vibrate will make some sounds which will tell you the metal is closer. You have an access of customizing the vibration and the sound effects in the settings.

One thing you have to remember is this app will not work when it is next to huge metals like the TV, computer etc.

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