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Best slow motion video apps for android

Slow motion videos now are just not limited to the high-end video cameras anymore, now it’s not just that way, you can very easily get this cool feature on your android smartphone with slow motion video apps.

So if you are an android user and then you are looking to give your videos a slow motion touch, then there is a good news to you that they are so many android apps for you which will let you create the slow motion videos.

So now why do we want to create a slow motion video?

Creating a slow motion video can make almost any video really fun to watch with the completely different experience. All you can do is you can try making a video of yourself talking and after that, you can slow it down, so then you will get to know how much fun and interesting it is to do that.

There are even more productive uses of this as well.So you can slow the video with the help of the visual instructions of it where in you can very easily understand how to work easily on it.

For instance, the dance moves and the possibilities in that are just Awesome which you would love too.There are even some of the slow motion apps which have an offer of the fast motion features too, and that can add more of creativity and fun to your videos.

5 Best Slow Motion Video Apps For Android

I would like to share you some of the best slow motion video apps for android which can benefit you in a great way. Here we go

5 Best Slow Motion Video Apps For Android

Slow Motion Video FX

This slow motion Video FX is a completely featured slow motion video app which is created only for creating and recording the slow motion and the fast motion videos. A cool thing in this is it is an ad-supported app with the pro version which will take off the ads and you won’t be irritated by them anymore.

And those ads are also not that annoying. There will be no watermark on the created video. You can get this slow motion only if you really hate the ads or wants to donate to the positive cause of it.

So this app is damn simple to use. This works like you can do both records a new video and even make it slow motion or the fast motion video as you wish to do and even make an already recorded video slow and fast. check out this if you want to trace mobile number usa with Name, Location & Address

All you just need to do here is just select the video which you want to work on it may be new one or the old one and then you need to set how much fast or slow you want it to be.

The video can be slowed by almost half of its original speed and it can be made 5 times faster than the original video.

In this slow motion video FX, you can even cut a specific part of the video to only slow or fast that specific part of the video.

This app will get you a copy of the video which will be in the slow motion or fast motion and the original video will just stay untouched.

Once you are done with all you can even do share the video through the app to any of the social networks for your friends to see.


This is another cool slow and the fast motion video recording app which only focus particularly on this feature. I can tell that this app is better than the slow motion video FX which I have mentioned you above, but the free versions add watermark to the video.

If you don’t have any problem with that watermark then this can be the best free slow motion and the fast motion app. If not then you can invest and get more cool features. The solo pro is interesting because this will let you make a video slow or the fast motion in the real time.

Here you don’t need to specify a speed and the part of video slow/fast. It works like you can change the speed while the video is playing and that speed only will be added to the video.

This solo pro comes with the 6 speeds which you can choose, three are fast and three are slow. This is user-friendly. You can share the video through the app to the social networks for your friends to see.

Fast and slow motion video tool

This is the app which offers the video slow and fast motion feature and it is ad supported. Anyways unlike the other apps which are mentioned above, this excels more at offering the adjustable speeds.

In this, you can slow up the speed to 1/8x of the original speed and even speed it up to 8x as well.

Once you launch this app all the videos in your phone will be displayed in the main interface. So you don’t need to worry about searching for the video on your android device.

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All you need to do here is to just select the video which you would like to edit and then you will be prompted to specify the area which you would like to make the video slow or fast.

Anyways you do have an option to trim if you wanted too.You can just give the speed and just one tap on “ok” to start with the process.


This is a video player app which supports the high definition videos with the best amazing controlling features. One of the major features in it is making a video play in slow and fast motion.

Maybe it is not dedicated to slow or the fast motion video app, but just the number of video formats it does support and even the quality it offers makes it a very cool thing to be on the list.

If you are wanting to watch a high definition video in the slow and fast motion, then this KMPlayer can be the best one for you.

This works like when the video is playing you can increase and decrease the speed of the video as you want to by just tapping on the video on the right of the screen.

In this, you can decrease the speed up to 0.1x and increase it up to 4x.This is user-friendly.


As the name itself says it all. This is a completely featured editing tool for the videos. Videoshop is an ad-supported and offers the tons of editing features and even you can edit the video in the real time.

This comes with the feature of making the video slow or fast. This app offers you the real-time editing, so you can very easily make a video slow and fast using the horizontal slider and do see the effects in the real-time. Make Cartoon Face Avatar for yourself for free.

So in this, you can decrease the speed to 0.1x and increase it to 4x and once you are done with it just tap on done and then your video is edited.

This comes with few editing features like

  •  Annotations
  •  Sound effects
  •  Trim
  •  Merge
  •  Resize
  •  Reverse
  •  Adjust display


So, here are the 5 best slow motion video apps for the android smartphone. If you want to suggest any other app, let us know through comments, we will test it out.

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