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Sites Like Rate My Professor – Alternative Professor Rating sites

The Sites like rate my professor are to give the ratings for your teachers, lectures and the school. These sites will help you out to find out all about the professors and the educational institutions from all over the world and with this, you can judge which would be the best. Rate my professor is one of the top most popular sites of the genre. It is one of the largest online destinations for professor ratings with more than 20 million ratings for 1.7 million professors & over 7000 schools. 

May you find in detail about the specific professor but if you check out with some of the sites like Rate my professor it is pretty possible for you to get much information which can benefit you in a great way.

5 Best Sites Like Rate My Professor

There are a lot of sites like rate my professor I have filter the best ones among all which can be benefited for all.

Sites Like Rate My Professors

Here we go with them

Students Review

Students Review is one of the first websites in this field. With over 230,700 College Reviews & 4,421 colleges reviewed, it provides an idea about the college/universities & professors in it. The additional information about ratings, jobs, campus photos, sports etc. The only downside of this website is that it consists too many ads, just make sure to use the site carefully.


My Edu is an academic website. This is a website which features how the students rate the college professors. One of the unique thing with this website when you compare with others is that it claims to be with the universities to post the actual end of semester course and then even the professor evaluations which the students fill out in the class.

Rate My Teachers

This is the most popular review website. This website will much focus on the elementary and the secondary school, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. Here on this website you can search for your teacher by name or search for your school for the full lists of the teachers as well.

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Here it is the simple 1 to 5 rating system with the categories including the easiness, helpfulness, clarity and then popularity.


Uloop is a similar site like rate my professor started in 2007, which helps to connect with classmates, make new friends & explore campus news, events, jobs etc. There are many features which are useful to college students like scholarships, jobs, tutors, notes, tickets, insurance, food delivery etc.

With several test preparations like Gmat, GRE, SAT etc, the tagline student-powered marketplace stands out at an apt line for Uloop.

Teacher Complaints

This is a website wherein you can raise a complaint about the issues which you are facing at schools or the collages. If your teachers are getting on your nerves, have their favorite students or if they aren’t doing their job properly, the teacher complaints are the best place.

This is one of the similar websites like rate my professor wherein if you want to complain about your teacher. It doesn’t matter whether you are in high school, or primary you can very quickly and easily file a complaint about free.

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