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Best Sites like Influenster – Influenster Alternatives

If you are looking for the product testing sites, you are surely at the right place. These sites will let you read the honest customer reviews and even the opinions of the experts. The Influenster is one the top leading product review the sites online.

They come with the millions of opinions for you to browse spanning the thousands of product.

7 Best Sites Like Influenster

There are a multiple numbers of sites like Influenster, here are the best ones which can benefit you in a great way.

sites like influenster


This is a fun influenster alternative which will let you receive the free product samples in exchange for the Honest review. This provides you all sorts of products completely for free.

This BzzAgent is an excellent source of information while you are searching for the honest opinions on the products which will intend on purchasing. This is one of the best sites like the Influenster.


This PinchMe is one of the top review sites online where in here you can actually get the free samples to try the products first hand. All the Pinchme users have a countdown and then always the countdown gets to zero, then a new product is sent.

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You can sign up for the pinch me account for free and you can get the benefits by receiving the free samples simply just by providing the honest user reviews.


This is a site which will send you free stuff and then only asks for your opinion in return. So the more you review, much better is the items you would receive. With this crowdtap, you can get many gift cards, free samples and even other rewards, and that depends on your level of involvement in it.

This is a similar site as the Bzz Agent. This is a site which will post new missions each day which will give you an opportunity to rise on the scale in order to receive the better free stuff.

Smiley 360

You can qualify for smiley missions and then you will be sent freebies. You can share your feedback and the opinions of your friends, fellow members and the companies and then earn a lot of points to improve your smiley community status.

Most of the users tend to use the smiley 360 as it offers the full-size products, rather than the sample size products which many free samples websites send out.


If in case the thought of a 20 minutes survey makes you groan and roll your eyes, consider One poll. Their quickfire survey usually lasts around 3 minutes. There have been many complaints that when you get close to the threshold, the surveys are withheld or you are screened out.

The Onepoll have approached these claims and says at this stage it verifies that answers from its users corroborate- that is checking that you haven’t been randomly clicking through and above all you deserve to be paid for your time.

Top Ten Reviews

The top ten reviews are one of the leading sites like the Influenster online. They provide you with the expert reviews about everything you could possibly imagine.

No matter whether if you are looking for the best payday loan sites or then even if you are looking for the top lawn mowers, you will be going to find it at the top. They will compare all of the best products and the services with easy to read charts and in-depth reviews.

Consumer Reports

If in case you are looking for the expert reviews of all sorts of the products, if so then you would surely love consumer reports. They will bring you the very detailed reviews of all sorts of items.

Whether if you are looking for the electronics reviews, outdoor equipment or anything as such. The Consumer reports have your back. All their opinions are unbiased, that is providing you with the honest information which you can trust.  

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