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Best Sites like Grammarly to check Grammar, Plagiarism & more

If you own a website or if you are a writer and you write a content on a regular basis if so then Grammarly is must in order to have the spelling error free content. It can check the grammar errors, spelling mistakes, punctuation and this will also help you to enhance the best vocabulary. The Grammarly can find and then repair over 250 different types of grammar mistakes, and providing you with 100% checked the text.

7 Best Sites Like Grammarly

It work’s really easy, all you have to do is that drag and drop a Word document or even you get an option of pasting the content which you want to check it directly on their website. sites like grammarly There are a lot of sites like Grammarly all the sites may not be the best so I have filtered the best alternatives for Grammarly which can make your content the best. Here we go with them


This is an amazing plagiarism checkers online. This site is completely for free. This site offers you with a lot of numerous features which will allow you to easily find the matches, then detect the paraphrases, bad citations and many such. Also, Check out the best sites like rainierland for watching movies. One of the best features of this Plagramme is that it can be available in multiple languages, which will let you check the plagiarism internationally. This is one of the best alternatives to Grammarly.


PaperRater is an amazing online grammar, spelling, and the plagiarism checker tool for all the contents and article checking. Its robust grammar and the spelling checking system which will help you to write the error-free posts and articles. Here you can check the quality of your content with the number of the education levels like the 1st grade to 12th grade, college, graduate, doctorate and also all another type of article. This Paperrater is a free tool, but it does have a premium version to get additional features.

White Smoke

This White Smoke is an online grammar and the vocabulary checker platform to get the best rating and the grading against your paper and the assignment in advance before you post it or upload on the website. It can give you the quality content.


When it is about proofreading two to three pages only then it sounds good. But then the documents which contain the dozens of pages and then it requires the proofreading on the urgent basis. It’s really an irritating one for you to do that, but this noun plus can do all your work here so you don’t need to worry about it. it provides you the best tool for the grammar and the spelling checker.


One of the great services like the Grammarly is Unplag. This particular online service will not actually provide you with the grammar checking features, it provides you the best high-quality plagiarism detection. I can say that this is a must tool for any content writer or a student.

Virtual Writing Tutor

This Virtual Writing Tutor is the great option which is very similar to the Grammarly which provides you the complete grammar checking tool. Here all you have to do is that just paste your content into their text area and then you can immediately click on the “Check Spelling” and then they take care of showing you the missed and then how to fix them back. This virtual Writing Tutor is a simple and an efficient site like the Grammarly.

Language Tool

Language Tool is an open source free grammar and the spelling checker tool which is available in order to correct the English mistakes, even the German, French, polish and many such more than 20 languages. This language tool can help you find the grammar and the spelling errors. This language tool is freely available for desktop, LibreOffice, open office and then even the Mozilla Firefox. You can download the beta version through the google chrome.

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