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Best scanner apps for android

These scanner apps have made our works easier. Scanner apps are too protective. These scanner apps help you scan your documents, receipts, files and extract texts and much more which makes your work easier and safe. If you have the doubt that these apps can scan up to the extent of real scanner? No, but it is almost closest to the real scanner.

There are many scanning apps in google play store and here I share some of those apps.

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Best Scanner Apps for Android

Best scanner apps for android

Cam scanner

This is one of the best scanner apps for an android. This cam scanner helps you scan your documents, receipts, business cards, notes on the board, paper words, certificates, visiting cards, ID cards and much more. This app as an easy search feature where you can search the documents you have scanned easily.

Scan bot

This scan bot helps you scan documents in premium quality which has more than 200 dpi. This scan bot app lets you scan everything like documents, data, file, receipts all types of cards, tickets and many things more which you can scan. In this app, you can save the pictures in drop box google drive and share them easily. This app as a great search feature which is very user-friendly and you can search your data documents easily.

Scan bot can be downloaded for free as well as the pro version which you have to purchase. This app have good themes along with the extractions

Genius Scan

This genius has a unique technology of data smart page detection and also enhances various high-quality scans. It is user-friendly it supports many different pages like A3, A4, A5, all letters and business cards too. This app supports both jpg and pdf scans. The genius scan is helpful to scan marks cards and documents and send it for official purposes.

The genius scan has a free version and also pro version which you have to purchase. This app has very good features.

Microsoft office Lens

Microsoft has many quality apps for android and this Microsoft office lens is also quality apps to scan. This Microsoft scanner is very user-friendly is scans all the data, documents, id cards, marks cards, visiting cards and business cards. This Microsoft scanner helps you scan in pdf, power point and many formats as per your requirement. You can also save them in one drive. So, in general, I would like to say if you want a decent scanner app you can go for this.

Mobile Doc Scanner

Mobile doc scanner is in the lite version and even normal full version. The special feature of this app is the batch mode which lets you scan all the documents one after the other quickly.

This app has new camera2 API, which gives you excellent quality scans. It supports different pages like a tabloid, A3, A4, A5, B5, business card, Envelope, letter and much more. The full version of this mobile doc scanner lets you read the water marks and capable of reading the pdf too which is really great to use.

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