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10 Best Rainmeter Skin【2018】

What is Rainmeter Skins?

Rainmeter is a free desktop customization program which will provide you access to completely transform exactly the way how your desktop looks.

It can also be used to display the truckload of an additional information, for instance like the clock network statistics, the processor usage, RSS feeds and E-mail on your desktop. Rain meter gives a good look to your desktop not only that it does give you a productive environment.  

10 Best Rainmeter Skins for desktop users

There are a huge number of Rainmeter skins available but all may not be the best one for you, so here are some of the Best Rainmeter Skins which can be the best one for you to choose. Here we go with them

Tech – A

Tech-A is a fantastic app which is versatile and great. Tech-A can display multiple information for you, like the CPU usage, RAM utilization, the display of the time and the date. 

Tech A Rainmeter Skin

Not only these, it can also display many shortcuts to the system folders like the My documents, Disk partitions, all of which is arranged around an animated, revolving around the core.

Neon Space

It is the rain meter which has a great hologram effect of the planet, the solar system, the calendar, the CPU usage and many such things which makes your desktop look much more attractive.


Enigma is the top most popular Rainmeter skin. It was chosen as Rainmeter’s default skin in 2009 and there are multiple options to configure it.

enigma rain meter skin

The display which looks really attractive and displays all the details about the system and many such things. In the sub-modules which can be configured easily and differently organized individually. 

It has been designed in a way which can display the data such as the media playback status/control, CPU and the RAM usage. Enigma has the real-time active processes and the quick notes.

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The Alien Skinmeter is the one which is designed with the theme for the folks who would like to view all the information in front of the desktop screen. 

Many of the functions that can display the speed of the upload, RAM, ROM, Shortcut icons and many of such. The theme is been developed with multiple features in it. Alien themes can make your desktop look its best.

Senja Suite

This is the one who would love animation. It is been featured with the nice image of the first fist Ace and you can have a slideshow of the images you wish to.

My Rainmeter Desktop

This is also one of the best Rainmeter suites which will let you decorate your desktop screen to the best. My Rainmeter desktop is been specialized in the space war wallpaper which is by Alex Rafael. 

This theme is been featured with the circle clock, circle HDD, circle network and many such related features built in.

Mass Effect

If you are Bioware games fan, then I’m sure you would just love this skin meter. This Mass effect will give you a feel for the commander Shepard. 

Mass effect Rainmeter Skin

So here in the mass effect, unique themes and the modules can be arranged as per your wish which you choose to. It will display you the Hard disk, media playback, time and date, network, calendar and any other information which you would prefer to show can be displayed in one place.

The Newspaper Desktop

The newspaper desktop is one of the unique skin, this is best for the one who would like to read the newspaper always as this will give you the display of the newspaper feel.

It is been featured completely with the newspaper theme as it displays the latest news, the calendar, name, the time header, and some other additional information like the space bounder, RAM usage, the Network statistics, complete weather forecast and more information in it.

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Limit – Text with a twist

This is a greatly featured rain meter which gives you the information to the core in the desktop screen itself. Limit has a text-based interface.

This can display you the information about the CPU usage, the PC temperature, the time, Calendar with the Reminder Notes, the weather and many more additional things in it. 

This rain meter works like the value of each element increases so does even the text size, so the more CPU you are using the indicator gets bigger.

The Darkness fall

The Darkness fall is an incredible rain meter theme, it is a theme which offers you a wide range of amazing landscape in the background, to give a great feeling to your screen. 

Many of the unique featured themes have been incorporated into the skin very unique compared to the others. In the Darkness fall, the usage of the different functions is really super cool.

All these skins are available from DeviantArt website, just search them in google and the file size varies from 10-30 MB.

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  1. Tech-A is one of the best rain meter skins and I love it as it gives every information about my desktop and it makes me feels like a geek 😉


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