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6 Best Prank apps for iphone and Android

Doing some prank with your friends is really fun right? You just don’t need to wait for April fools’ day to prank your friends or family. It’s really boring to do pranks like before in a classic way, anyways no worries the prank have gone digital now! You can get a huge variety of prank apps with which you can make pranks with your friends and have a crazy time with them with very less effort with these prank apps.

There are too many prank apps in the market but all those may not be that best for you, so I have listed out some of the best prank apps which can suit you all and benefit you in a great way.

6 Best Prank Apps for IOS & Android

Here we go the best prank apps for Android and Iphone

Best Prank Apps

Fake A Call Free

The name itself can give you an idea of what exactly is this app all about. This is an app for making the fake calls. With the help of this app, you can very easily fool your friends. Nobody will be expecting a fake call and that is and that is what makes this kind of apps the best for playing the crazy pranks.

This is the app which let you make fake calls both to your friends and even to yourself. This app offers you with 9 different voices so that your friends or anyone on the other side will not recognize your voice and there are 9 different scripts too which are available. It can work really crazy once you go ahead with it.

This app comes in with the two versions that are the free version and the premium or the paid version. The paid version of Fake a call comes with extra scripts, unique voices and it will not disturb you with ads which can pop up. And the free version too can work great as you can download that first and go ahead with it. This app can work great on the Android devices and the IOS devices. You can download this app from the google play store and the app store.

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Fake Call 2

This app can be quite similar to the previous one. This is the app for all the android devices it will not work well with the IOS devices. This fake call 2 can let you make calls with your own images of the caller and even with your own ringtone, isn’t this interesting for you?

I can put you in brief how exactly this app can work here in this app you will be given access to make a perfect fake call which can never fail to do a prank, nobody can really judge that who is calling. This can be one of the best apps to make a great fun of your friends and have a crazy time. This app can work fantastically with the android devices. You can download this app from the google play store.

Bee Swatter Prank Game

This “Bee Swatter Prank Game” is just Awesome for the luxurious iphones. This game is all about like catching the bees. You can start playing it and you can get through many levels and then comes an offer to you where this app can offer to you to hit the bee harder so that the bee can just disappear. So once you “hit Harder” the allegedly of your device will stop working.

It’s like complete cracks all over the screen and it has nothing visible to tap so can you just imagine how would that person feel. So all you need to do to fix the conditions is just to drag your finger from the lower right side to the upper left side of the screen. And the thing is the victim whom you have targeted will not know that, and that is what can make just a perfect prank. So all you guys need to do now is just get this app and scare the people out there which can be crazy fun for you. You can download this app from the app store. This app can work best on the IOS devices.

Crack your Screen

I can just call it as the screen cracker app for all the android devices. You may think that this app is similar to the previous one but no this is not the app which I have mention in previous because here you don’t have to play a game, so your prank can work even more great with the natural effects.  

I can tell you 3 ways of how exactly this app will work

  • First one which I will tell is the “crack on shake” so it is like once you shake your phone, your phone screen will be covered with the cracks.
  • The second way is the “crack on touch” this works like it leads to the same effect which after touching or just tapping on the screen.
  • The other way is the timer, I can tell that this can be a little crazier than the other two wherein you can set up the timer in prior your friend will use the device and it can work as the best prank for sure.

You may feel that the cracks might not be that natural, but the thing is they would not have expected it and it happens suddenly and that it is how which can make that prank successful. This is simply a fun app which you would love to use it. You can download this app from the app store and it can work to its best on your IOS devices.

Fake GPS Location Spoofer Free

This fake GPS location spoofer is one of the popular apps among all the prank apps. You can check with this article and then go ahead with your choice of using this app. This app will help you in very easily faking your location. This app works like you can choose any of the places in the world and then later make your friends crazily confused about it.

You have many great options like Russia, UK, China, South Africa, the choice which you want to choose is yours and the choice is unlimited. You can use this app and make your friends worry about it completely. This app can work good with the IOS devices and you can download this app from the app store.

Dude Car Prank

This is the car prank app which will let you make your friend believe that something has happened to his or her car. All you have to do here is just take the picture of the victim’s car whom you are targeting and then add some of the special effects for it, it’s just as simple as that and it works in that way.

You may think that you can even do this with the help of photoshop why this app but that will consume a lot of your time but here things can be done by the app and nothing you have to stress on it. So you can get this app and can make more fun prank with your friend’s car and give a big shock to all your friends. This app can work great on the Android devices. You can download this app from the google play store.    

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