Best power banks in India 2017

Best Power Banks in India 2017. Power banks are actually in our mobile life savers in few scenario’s when are phone runs out of battery and at times it’s a disappointment when the battery goes low. To get rid of such sticky situations it’s better to have a power bank so that you can avoid your mobile phone battery running low.

7 Best Power Banks For Mobile in India

It’s even better to have a power bank with the monstrous backup which can prove you handy when you are in need of it. And as we all know that the price being a major determining factor, so I will share you few best pocket-friendly power banks which are capable of the battery capacity of a minimum of the 10000 mAh.

Best power Banks in india

You can even get these power banks online and even in retail stores at prices below 1500 which can be a better one to choose.

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank (10000 mAh)

This is one of the best power banks in India. It can be credited for creating the brand new power bank with the battleground for the players in India. There are also many other powerful power banks in India before than Xiaomi in their previous years.

But this actually raised the sparkle with creating the new battle by raising the unique design and high-performing benchmarks while reducing the cost down at the same time which sounds really good.The Price of this is Rs 999.

Asus ZenPower(10050 mAh)

This asus zen power was launched on April 23 in India. This is a unique power bank which is smaller and lighter than the Mi power bank. The cost of this power bank is Rs 1499.

OnePlus Power Bank (10000 mAh)

This power bank was launched in India on may 11th. It’s not like Asus and Xiaomi’s power banks.This 10000 mAh one plus power bank comes with the Dual USB ports which can enable two electronic devices to be connected and even charged simultaneously.

This power bank is exclusively available on Amazon at Rs 1399 in two cool colors that are Silk White and Sandstone Black.

Huawei honor 

This Huawei honor was launched in India. This is the most powerful power bank when compared to the other power banks. This Huawei power bank is exclusively available on Flipkart provided with the color gray. This does have dual USB ports like one plus. The great thing in this is once the power bank is fully charged it has the capacity to charge an iphone 6 four times.

PNY BE-740(10400 mAh)

This power bank has a cylindrical design. This comes with the lithium-ion battery with the charge capability of 10400 mAh. This power bank includes a built-in LED torch and a power level indicator which shows you how much charge is remaining in the power bank which is a really a better one. The price of this is around Rs 1100 and Rs 1450

Adcom Power Bank (20000 mAh)

I can tell that this is the best and the most powerful power bank on our list. This ad com power bank is available in all online stores for less than 1500.The cost of this is 1400 to 1500

Intex IT-PB10k Power Bank (10000 mAh)

This is there for you in 2 great colors one is blue and other is white. This comes with one USB port and it does have the flash light capability. The cost of this is around Rs 1300.

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