Best Police Scanner Apps For IOS & Android

There are multiple of reasons why people use police scanners, few use this app for entertainment and some of them have it to get updates about the crime happening in their area. Many would have a dream of becoming a policeman.

I am sure every one in your childhood has imagined your self-being an adult with the police uniform with the radio on the other hand and driving the police car hurrying to the place of the incident.

If you are one among the people who had a dream like this is childhood then this app can really make you happy. 

5 Best Police Scanner Apps for Android & IOS

Best Police Scanner Apps For Android & IOS (1)

There are a lot of police scanner apps in the market but all those apps cannot be the best one for you so I have listed out the best police scanner apps which can benefit you all in a great way. Here we go with them

Iscan – Police and Fire Scanner

This is the different police and fire scanner app when compared to the other apps. This app has high quality and the fantastic design in it.

This is a different app from others because it has a special map for viewing the police call locations and the alpha tags which will let you view which channel is playing on the feed. In this app, you can even listen to the feeds of USA, Australia, Canada and it does have the most common type of the codes which are used by the police.

This app does have the alert feeds which will allow you to know the breaking news first and from the first responder’s radio traffic. This app does come with the night mode where in this theme will make it easier to work even in the dark which is really a good thing.

I am sure this app can become your favorite with the best features in it. This app can work cool with the IOS devices. You can download this app from the app store.

Police scanner + Free for IOS

The police scanner is the free app for the iphone which is just really amazing. The first most thing which grabs your attention is the fantastic cosmic design I am damn sure that you would just love it.

You can listen to it in the background while using the other app which is really interesting. This app is really user-friendly. This app comes with the great collection of unique feeds which you can listen to it from all over the world.

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You can even record each sound of the police, fire, EMS workers conversations. Here in this app, you can scan your own city and you can be aware of things which are happening around you.

This app can work really great with the IOS devices and you can download this app from the app store.

Police Scanner Radio Scanner for Android

This is one of the best police scanner app and that is the reason I wanted to put this on the top of my list. This can give you the opportunity to know what exactly happens in the police stations and how things are working there.

So in this app, you can hear the radio scanner from all around the world. For instance, if you want to test this app you can press a special button for the Chicago police scanners which can be said one the busiest in the world.

This app does come with the ultrafast playback buffer. This has more than over 3000 feeds including the Phoenix Police, the Denver Police, fire and EMS, Waterloo regional police, Newark police and many such.

This app can work and support well with the android devices. You can download this app from the google play store.

5-0 Radio Police Scanner for IOS

This is really a cool app with the best features in it. This app comes with the special feature that is you can listen to it in the background while running the other apps or even while visiting the web browsers, it sounds really crazy, right?

All you have to do is emailing a link to yourself and then tapping it to listen to it in the background. 

You do get access to add the new feeds and make the lists of them as easy as you can listen to them. You can add it from the web by the browser which also defects the feeds by itself and do integrate it with the radio. 

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It is okay even if you lose the internet connection as this app automatically tries to reconnect the feed. The another best feature that I can mention here is the best opportunity to listen to the feeds on the other devices for instance on your desktop or the laptop computer if you wish to.

The best benefit with this app is the web browser deletes all its advertisement. This app is user-friendly. This app can work better with the IOS devices. You can download this app from the app store.

Broadcastify for Android

This is a free android app on your mobile. Using this app you can listen to all the sounds live the sounds of live conversations including the police, fire, EMS, the aviation and even the rail audio feeds.

You do have an option of choosing the country which you wish to, you can get the feeds from all over the world. You have an opportunity to add your favorite audio on my favorite list which can make the app much better and very comfortable for you. Not only my favorites there are even many other categories of list like

  • Top 25 feeds
  • Feeds with alerts
  • New feeds
  • Feeds by metro area
  • Global feed catalog
  • Feeds near my current location

The thing which make this app much different from others is that it gives you a great offer of creating your own “Broadcastify Account” which can make your App much more convenient.

This app can work well with the Android devices. You can download this app from the google play store.

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