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14 Best Minecraft Mods

Best Minecraft Mods. Minecraft is a sandbox multiplayer game which is really a popular one among the gamers all over the world. This game makes you feel so realistic as it goes above your imagination and it can be as much creative it can be. In this game, you can create anything you want to create.

So all we need to know here is the which mods are good and which one can be the best one for us. Anyways you don’t have to think much about it because I am here to suggest you some best Minecraft Mods that you can install.

14 Best Minecraft Mods You Must Install

These are the Minecraft modes which every Minecraft players must install and they will be greatly benefited by these mods. So here I go with them.

Best Minecraft Mods


The very first Mod that every Minecraft player should install is this Optifine. It does not matter if you are a beginner and playing it for the first time or you have been playing it for a long period of time.

If at you have a computer with some of the high-end specs then you have to definitely install this optifine mod for your Minecraft game.This optifine adds some of the best visuals for your Minecraft game and makes it look very amazing and thrilling. It comes with cool features like
• This has the best HD textures.
• It has extra control over the graphical features of the game.
• These mods make the entire gameplay even smoother than before and very easier.
• So adding on these things you can enjoy the game with some of the amazing visuals and a lag-free gameplay.


If you are not satisfied with the Optifine on your PC, then you can go ahead with installing the fast craft mod and then your Minecraft game which goes from terribly slow to even rapidly faster and smoother than even before.

This mod lets you access your Minecraft run really faster on the low-end PC’s also which is really a very cool thing. But anyways if you have a huge number of mods which is installed for your game then this fast craft will be a perfect mod for you. You can try this and you can be benefited greatly.

Dungeon Pack

This dungeon is something extra that you can get the best out of this amazing game. If you are bored of the same old regular build and create that kind of the gameplay in Minecraft then this Dungeon can get something better.

The pack comes with some more additional unique dungeons which you can explore great like dungeon crawling action game and you can get so many amazing goodies which can come in handy in your journey that’s so great.

So its time to turn on your boring Minecraft world into the legend of the Zelda-like the world with this all new amazing modes.

Craft Guide

Many of the players were expecting this to be added to the feature to the vanilla version of the Minecraft from a long period of time. But these days the developers have not done anything till now.

Anyways now you can install the craftGuide in your Minecraft game and so you get the connected books of all the crafting features with the recipes which are available for you in the game which is inbuilt in the game.

So you do not have that trouble of pausing your game and then look for the recipes online because you get all the recipes which you want within the game which is inbuilt. With the help of this great amazing Mod, you can craft anything as you want and get the best fun out of it.


Few Mods will get you the fantastic dungeons to your Minecraft game that you can explore them and you can have a great fun while there are even few mods which can add beautiful plants to your Minecraft games, but I think it may not sound that exciting as the dungeons but anyways the flowers are pretty useful.

This Botania will add a large variety of flowers and the plants to your Minecraft game. So in this, you can feed these flowers to the animals. Some of the flowers can have the hostile mobs fight each other instead of you and much more.

If you are expecting some flowery goodness in your Minecraft game then this can be your perfect catch up for your Minecraft game.

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Minecraft is actually much about decorating the world as you want, but the sad thing is you don’t find any of the decorating items in it, so the solution is here for you, So if you want to decorate your Minecraft game then this decocraft can benefit you great.

You can download this cool decocraft mod to your Minecraft game and get a lot number of things which can decorate the world as you want too. This decocraft mod has a plethora of the items like the chairs, lamps, mind craft tables, kitchen sinks, toys, plushies and many such.

These all are the items which are craftable which can deco Minecraft game to a fantastic world with some of the owe some items in the game with this mods.

Animal Bikes

In this huge world of Minecraft, you don’t have to travel on your foot instead you can download the animal bikes mod to your Minecraft game and get a great lot of unique ridable animals in this game to help you out in your long journeys in the game.

If you want to explore the vast world of Minecraft then you need this ridable animal like a dragon so you can fly up high and rule the whole world of Minecraft on your dragon ride which you can just explore yourself.

Nothing can be more fun than riding a dragon on the sky in the Minecraft world. It can just be an amazing world for you.

Still hungry

If you know all about Minecraft then you must be knowing the food is the very important thing in this Minecraft, you need a lot number of foods to save alive in this game. The food is the main priority in this game.

If you have played this you will know that the variety of foods which are available in the Minecraft game is very limited and even quite boring foods frankly saying. So this is for you, you can download this still hungry mod for your Minecraft game and get a vast variety of foods which is added to your game.

You can get the pancakes, you can have the amazing burgers, pizzas and a lot more delicious foods in your Minecraft game. Also, you can explore much more to the game if you download this “still hungry”.

WAILA (What Am I Looking At)

So WAILA stands for “What Am I Looking At” so the name of this mod says it all. I can tell that this is a simple mod which comes really handy especially when you have so many different mods which are already installed and a more collection of items in your Minecraft game.

If you are in a confused state of what you are looking for then this mod is for you. You just have to move your cursor to the item which you want to know more about it and a pop-up notification will tell you what exactly what are the items you need like where it came from, and which mod have generated that particular item.

This interface is very user-friendly where it comes in very handy when you want to quickly know much about a lot of the items in your game.

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Twilight Forest

This Minecraft game consists a lot of mysterious rewards to the brave and it is also a home of a wide number of dangerous monsters which will haunt your nightmares.

The twilight forest has additional things like it adds a large forest with beautiful trees, plants, lakes and many such things. The jungle is huge and thick which holds so many rewards for the one who go deep into the forest.

But anyways you have to keep in mind that this lush forest also hosts a lot of dangerous monsters that will never think twice about taking your life. You have to be careful always wherein you go in the Minecraft world.

Instant Lake

The Minecraft does have a lot of holes and even the empty space in your Minecraft world so you would even like to have few lakes, the lava reservoirs for your benefit.

It does not matter what your choice of liquid is, so you can get that with the help of instant lake mod for your Minecraft world. So coming to this mod, this instant water lake mod gives you a block of water or the lava that you itself can place in any hole or even vanish it space filling instantly with the chosen substance.

If you wish to have some lakes around your house or the holes filled with thew molten lava then this ill be the best shot of getting all those done. This works really creative and great.

Magic Yam

Everybody hates this one thing in Minecraft that is losing the direction to their home in the Minecraft world. While you are in the process of playing this game you will be deeply involved in this game and even you will be off into the deep lands and you completely forget your directions to get back to your home and finding back your directions to home is really an irritating thing in this game.

If you want to get rid of that situation and getting lost somewhere in that wide world of the Minecraft then this magic yarn is the perfect magical mod for your game. The priority of this game is it shows you back the direction to your home easily and in a very simple way.

So if you download this no more you will get lost in the woods and worry about getting back to your home as this shows you the way back with the help of this mod.

Minecraft Comes Alive

This is really a fantastic mod to the Minecraft. This “Minecraft comes alive” mode will turn all the villages in Minecraft into great cool places where in it works like you can talk to the villagers, and even make friends with them, do a trade with them to lead a really happy life in this virtual world.

In this mod, the villagers will have different people from the different races and even the cultures who live together peacefully and do many of the works like that. You can be good friends with them and do a trade with them for the items which you want from them.

The funny thing in this is you can marry one of them and do start a family life in the village life which makes it lively making a Minecraft a different kind of a game.


This is really an interesting one for all. The name itself is some happiness for all of us. As the name itself makes you understand what it is suggesting you. This “Booze” mode will turn your Minecraft game into a brewery business wherein you get access to all the different plants necessary to brew your own beer, isn’t that really an interesting one for you, not only beer anything you want like beer, whisky, Rum, vodka and anything as you wish too.

In this, you can get the liquors as much you want with the help of this mod and enjoy this brewing business in the world of Minecraft. This whole business process is almost identical to the real-life process of making the booze with the similar steps what they do in the real liquor factories or business enterprises.

So it takes almost 7 days to prepare the wine and others also are similar like this. And even if you are interested to know how the booze is made then this can be the best one for you as I told the process in this same as in the real life.

Here is a video on the 10 best Minecraft mods, do watch them out.

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