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Best Keyboard Apps For iPhone/iOS

Long gone are days in which custom keyboards were only available for Android phones as an exclusive. Now you can use your own custom 3rd party keyboard apps in your iPhone/iOS.

If that’s a feature that you haven’t tried out yet, you must try out some of these best keyboard apps for iPhone/iOS, read on for the list of best 3rd party keyboard apps for iPhone.

Best Keyboard Apps For iPhone/iOS

Best Keyboard Apps For iPhone

For iPhone or iOS phones following are some keyboard which is good for you to use.

1.SwiftKey Keyboard

This SwiftKey Keyboard is one of the best third-party apps for iPhone nowadays. It has many features such as good text prediction; it supports different languages, and you can use any two languages at a time in working. It supports swiping as well as typing, and it also gives quick access to emojis in your iPhone.

If you have this app, you can make a SwiftKey account as well as you can easily log in this account from various devices so all of your devices can make use of your customized text forecast without having to go through the training process again and again.

More themes are available but for this, you have to pay money. SwiftKey automatically put space if space is miss while writing. It is fast also in working. With a single character press, it will automatically write a complete word.

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2.TouchPal Keyboard

It is a free application for iPhone users. It has many features such as emoji predictions, as well as customizable themes, with more than 800 themes. Also, you can tap or swipe input with contextual forecast and also has autocorrected feature.

It has features that it can swipe down for symbols, swipe up to open numbers, as well as you can swipe left to delete that word. TouchPal has many different languages. It is also award winning application. You can also design your keypad with different themes available in the application.

3.Blink Keyboard

For peoples who have small fingers then it becomes them difficult to type on that phone for them it is good to use this Blink Keyboard. One great feature of Blink keyboard is the capacity to change the keypad size to do typing with a single hand. With the help of this Blink Keyboard, you can divide the keyboard to the right as well as left, and you will have the numbers keys in the middle of the keyboard.

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As soon as size increases of the phone then it becomes difficult to type it on the phone. But this Blink Keyboard is not only one-handed keyboard it is more than it. With the help of this, you can insert fast text just by long pressing the space bar key also you can fast delete word by word rather of a just letter by letter with the use of Word key.

4.Next Keyboard

It is not free for this app you have to pay 1.99$. The developer of Next Keyboard behind it required creating the ideal keyboard for iOS. With this app, you can put emoji instantly by writing the name and select it from the word advice, and you can also add stickers to your message. In this, there is quick cursor function with its help you can slide your finger in the spacebar to move around the text in the keyboard.

There are many themes as well as stickers available in store. Few are free but for some stickers, you will be required to pay for it. When you tweet, then you will get some stickers from them.

This app has lighting function, playful stickers as well as has stunning themes in the app.

5.NinType Keyboard

In this keyboard, you can handle it for very fast typing with the help of two-handed slide keyboard. Also, you get color lines, letters, calculator, jiggling keypads, words prediction as well as suggestions.

In this application, you can construct your words with taps and slides. In this, if you slide left or write then it will move a cursor. You can also adjust the height of words or keypad easily. It also has auto space function in this app. This app runs in 13 different languages. It also has shortcut system.


It is a very powerful keyboard extension beyond many applications. It has many features like it swipe to delete, swipe up the shift key to change font case, swipe the spacebar key to move the cursor, as well as it has one-handed keypad mode. Typiora can add as well as customize shortcuts like brb which means is right back, phone#, omw which means on my way, email#, etc.

You can also login to get access for the purpose to download assets as well as to restore earlier purchases. You will get 100 coins for the purchase fonts, themes, as well as sounds. In this, it is easy to develop your keypad easily. It has the main feature in this app if you design your theme then you can easily share your design of themes with your friend who is using this app with the help of QR code.

7.Fleksy + GIF Keyboard

This keyboard is fastest in the world for typing on the iPhone. It is a free app for you who are using iPhone. If your goal is to type faster, then you must use this keyboard. This keyboard has good typing speed, as well as has, very powerful autocorrect feature.

This application also supports, gestures, themes, as well as to multiple keypad layouts. If you hit to the wrong word in the spelling then also it can correct your spelling with autocorrect function. It also has Cursor sliding, one-handed typing mode, additional number row, as well as hotkeys.

In this, you can add more than one language to help Fleksy predict to your words while doing this you have to swipe while changing words. This app supports for 40 various languages.

8.Keymoji: Emoji Keyboard

This app is free for iPhone users; so many people’s uses this, especially on their mobile devices in which conversations are loaded with emotion as well as conversation, happen in short sentences or phrases. The process of Keymoji is straightforward and funny.

In this, you can submit this word to your Emoji Arts; Keymoji’s as well as to Emoji Song Lyrics with the help of Keymoji app.


For this, you have to pay 0.99$. Swype mainly focuses on swiping gestures for input text. Swype operates in many various languages as well as has many features such as living language dictionary and animated theme.

This app allows you to add many words to your dictionary. And removing word is also very easy in this.

So that’s it guys, for now, that was the list of best keyboard apps for iOS / iPhone. Keep reading other interesting articles on this blog!

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