Wednesday, 15 Aug 2018

Best GIF Creator Apps For Android & IOS

In recent times GIF ( Graphics Interchange Format ) has become really crazy to express your feelings and have fun with your friends by sharing it, it’s easy because it does not require much time to view the GIF.

If a picture can speak a thousand words then these gif is capable enough to say a million words. You can find a lot of gifs on the social media or on the internet, but it is really crazy if you yourself create your gifs instead of using others which are already created by someone else. 


There are two ways that you can create the gif’s one is you can use the camera app, make a short piece of video and then share it as gif’s but another way and the best way is the gif creator tool which is fantastic to have your own created gif’s.

Best GIF creator apps for Android

  • Footej Camera

The footej camera is one of the first apps to create the gifs. The footej camera is an amazing camera app. The super cool features of the footej camera are

Footej GIF Creator App

  • The manual camera controls.
  • Best featured integrated gallery app.
  • Crazy burst shot mode.
  • The photo histogram.
  • The footej camera is also supported up to 4K video support on many of the Android devices.
  • This app creator the best quality gifs.

This app can be the best on your Android device and it is completely free to download.  


GIF ME is an amazing app, it’s just all about simply capture few crazy moments and just GIF me. This app works like the camera will turn the short video clip into an interesting and animated gif file in just a few seconds and that’s fantastic.

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This app is for the android device which is completely for free. The pro version of this app will cost you around $0.86 which has a cool feature of removing the small watermark which you can find on the free version.

  • GIFBoom – Animated GIF Camera

The GIFBoom is one of the incredible GIF creator apps which is perfectly compatible with the android platform. The best features of this app is that

  • It can create the amazing animated GIF images only within 60 seconds.
  • This app offers you the auto and the manual mode for the speed controls.
  • This will provide you user-friendly customization for all the processed files with its advanced editing tools, overlays, live filters and the animation effects.

Best GIF creator apps for IOS

  • GIFx

This is an incredible GIF creator app. This app not only helps you to create the GIF and share it, the amazing feature which you would love in this app is this will let you add the music, make the editing adjustments and will give you over 100 optional masks to use as well. GIFx is the most creative app and customizable GIF.

This app is available for all the IOS devices.

  • GIF Maker

This is best and the simple GIF creator app which will let you make some fantastic animated GIF. This GIF maker works like you can record any best crazy moments which is happening anytime around you and shoot is continuous with the GIF maker.

The unique thing which you can find in this app is you can use this app in your native language, and it is available in 24 languages versions. This is the best one for your IOS device.

  • Giphy Cam

This is the most creative GIF a making app. Giphy cam complete with over 40 psychedelic filters, with crazy special effects and the best playful photo booth, inspired overlays. The best part of this app which I can mention is that is very user-friendly.

This app has a lot of funky themes in it. this app can work great on all the IOS devices and it is completely free to use.

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