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Best GBA Emulators for Android & PC

The GameBoy Advance emulator is all about the amazingly wide variety of unique video games to play. It is given you the best games which can fit your pocket. There are a lot of fantastic GBA emulators in the market but all may not be the best for you. 

Best GBA Emulators

Best GBA Emulators

So let’s try to check out with some of the top best GBA emulators which you would love to have.

Here we go with them

GBU Emulators For Android


This is the free GameBoy Advance emulator which offers you a wide variety of options. This game will provide you access from saving the games in different states as well and then even allotting different slots for them to configure and have a great control over the game.

One of the fantastic features this game can offer is you is that you have access to benchmark the game before you start playing it which is really a cool thing. So you can first test this game and then start playing it.

Soft GBA Emulator

This may not be the highest rated GBA emulator on the google play store but still, this is decent GBA emulator which can work great. This soft GBA emulator would be much better for the older android devices such as the Android 2.1 or the Android 2.2 versions.

This emulator can support and work really good with all the GBA games which are commercial and non-commercial.

My Boy – GBA Emulator

This is the top best GBA emulator which is been featured great. My Boy is one of the fastest and the lightest GBA emulators which you can find for your android devices or any High-end devices.

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This Cool emulator very easily manages to emulate everything as if it were the real one. This is very user-friendly and even the best for beginners as well. My Boy offers you the free version as well as the paid version.

The free version has some features which you can enjoy, but the paid version which will cost you around $5 will give you the amazing features which can be the best part for you to play. It is worth having this game on your device.

John GBA Lite

Well, the name says it all that the John is bought this GBA lite and he wanted the world to know about his creation and he named it as the John GBA lite which makes him feel really proud as this game is just fantastic.

This John GBA lite is been powered with the original GBA engine which can be the best selection of the cheats to use in the game.

This game has one of the unique features where in it has the ability to slow down the gameplay so that helps you to actually kill that final boss without dying, isn’t this crazy? You can explore a lot in this game.

GBA Emulators For PC

Visual Boy Advance(VBA)

Visual Boy Advance is one of the first fully functional game in the market. This game is completely for free to download it.

VBA is been developed by many different developers. They have also introduced VBA-M which is the latest version which is continued with VBA which additionally have great features in it to make the game much more fantastic.

Boycott Advance

This Boycott advance is a crazy emulator for the Nintendo and a portable Gameboy advance emulator which runs great on the Microsoft windows.

Boycott Advance is the cross platform Gameboy emulator. This game is pretty compatible with several commercial games too.


This is a lightweight GBA emulator which will do its work perfectly without much hassle. With the help of this amazing emulator, you can play all the commercial and Non-commercial GBA ROMs.

You will have to have the original BIOS files to play most of the games perfectly and smoothly without any trouble in it.

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