Best Gaming Laptops under Rs.75,000

Proclaimed as the Best Gaming Laptop for Rs.75,000 in India: LENOVO Y-50  THE MEAN MACHINE POWERED BY MAXWELL BASED NVIDIA 860M is among the very few good choices in this range.

Best Gaming Laptops under Rs.75,000

Are you a hardcore gamer? Buying a laptop? Why not opt for one which gives you both power and performance without burning a hole in the pocket. Y50 can be your best bet. The Lenovo Y50 is the ultimate choice for gamers currently.

Best gaming laptops configuration

Lenovo Y50

Earlier the top spot was occupied by the Monster Y510 P which was incredibly advanced compared to its contemporary laptops within the similar price. After Y-50 was launched Lenovo Y510p has taken the second spot owing to the better configuration of the former.

Latest titles like GTA 5, Watchdogs, Crysis3, battlefield 4 and Assassin Creed Black Flag can be played smoothly and your search is over and you have found your best gaming buddy.

For those who are not into gaming but want it for light work on CAD/CAM video editing, this machine is capable of handling everything with ease. You can also check out these Slow motion video recording apps for android smartphones.


First, let’s see what the Lenovo Y50 gains (or loses comparing it with 510p). Removing the Ultrabay, Lenovo Y50 weighs 2.4 kg and only measures 0.94 inches thin while Y510p weighed 2.7 Kg and measured 1.41 inches thick.

Now, the machines shiny metal bottom provides some extra passive cooling and maxwell architecture reduces top and heat generated.


More important is the newly-added subwoofer powered by JBL stereo speakers on the underside of the laptop. Enjoy vivid, immersible sound while playing music, gaming and watching videos.

Web Cam

With the 1MP cam, it offers face detection as well as face detection for login too. Stay connected with friends with the integrated 720p HD webcam.

Battery Life

4 Cell –Up to 5 hours WiFi browsing depending on configuration now this is what Lenovo is dreaming but in actual 2-3 hours is reasonable with the powerful horses it commands.

Hard Disk

Hard Drive — Hybrid 1 TB 5400rpm + SSD “ 8GB “ The SSD makes it a fast booting machine, windows 8.1 boots faster than windows 7 and with an SSD it is super quick. It could have been packed with a 7200RPM hard drive but nevertheless, doesn’t impact the performance that much.

Memory (Ram)

8 Gb, expandable has 2 slots empty.

Optical Disc Drive

 External 9.5mm Dvd/Rw this comes with the Laptop ask for it in case you are not given


4th Gen Intel® Core i-7 4710 HQ, Clock Speed -2.5 GHz with turbo frequency up to 3.5 GHz


(W x D x H)  387 mm x 263.4 mm x 23.9 mm (15.23 x 10.37 x 0.9)
Weight 2.4 kg (5.29 lbs) with Screen Size of 15.6-inch  Fhd TN Panel (Slim Display)  The screen width is very slim and elegant.

Operating System  

  Windows  8.1

Graphics Card

N15 p-GX  Gddr5  4Gb  Code Name for GTX 860 Maxwell Architecture  The graphics card offsets any doubt which a TN panel display may set in the buyer’s mind.

Maxwell is energy efficient and perfect for Laptops. Laptops biggest limitation is heat dissipation and cooling system. Less heat with maxwell- means low temperature, no thermal throttling and drop in FPS.Useful cmd tricks to ease your working on command prompt.

We are grateful to Maxwell and Nvidia for reducing the heat output and improving the thermal efficiency.

Warranty Period

(Probably the best part)-The 1 Year onsite warranty can be extended to 3 years for free of cost. Yes, a three-year warranty is a very good deal for free whereas Dell charges Rs.15,000 for 2 years extended warranty.


 Rs 75,000 Approx price, may vary by a couple of thousand rupees.

Lenovo Y-50 does fairly well in all the gaming titles we hope it will be able to play GTA 5 at Medium to High Settings and perform much better with next generation of Nvidia drivers.

Asus G750JM-T4018P Laptop

It is priced at Rs.1,25,000 (4th Gen Intel Core i7 HQ- 24GB RAM- 750GB + 750GB HDD- 17.3 Inches Screen- Windows 8.1 Pro- 2GB Graphics) (Black). Performance wise and Specs wise both use same Processor and Graphics card.

Cooling and design and additional SSD and HD Space is main advantage for Asus G750, The screen is 17.3 inch and it weighs really heavy- 4.8 kg.

Yes, it is not a typo it weighs 4.8 Kg making it difficult to understand for us why don’t people buy a GTX 980 or 780ti and core i7 with that much money. It simply lacks portability.


Extremely Fast Core I 7 HQ Processor, Nvidia GTX 860M (Maxwell), SSD (Fast Booting), Backlit Keyboard, Slim and Sleek design, JBL Speakers, FHD screen.

Less in weight which makes it a gaming laptop you can actually carry around. Yay!!


Yes, the display is the biggest one if you can live with it by re-calibrating as per your room lighting then you are ready for it. I think it is good to do away with the DVD drive for laptops, external one can be used when is required.

But also remember this is one of the few laptops which offer a 1920*1080p resolution which is, by all means, better than a native 1366*768 resolution.

Concluding Thoughts:

Overall recommended to buy at 75,000 to 78,000 price.

Suitable For- Hardcore Gamers who want Portable, Good Performance Laptop & would not like to Invest in a Desktop.

Not Suitable for Non-Gamers, casual Gamers there are better options.

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