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Best free Football/Soccer Games for Android

Football is a game played by the two teams of 11 players each on the rectangular, 100 yards long field with goal lines and goal posts at either end, the object being to gain possession of a ball and advance it in running or passing play across the opponent’s goal line or kick it through the air between the opponent’s goalposts. Here are some of the best free Football / Soccer games for Android.

Now a day’s Football game is with the rise of Smartphone, where you can play the Stunning Football Games on your Android Phone at any place anytime and you can have fun and enjoy.

Now what you have to do is Install any of the following top soccer Android Games in your Phone or Tablet, open the application and go through the direction to play your game and start with it.

If you are confused to choose the best Football/ Soccer game for your Android device, here are the top best free Football game for Android device.

Top 10 Free Football Games for Android


FIFA 14 by EA Sports Football Game for Android Smartphone and Tablet. It is developed by the EA Mobile. This game has officially licensed Brazil FIFA World Cup 2014 national teams, kits, and Adidas Brazuca ball. Now play the Authenticate game with fun where it has a stunning graphics with real football leagues, Teams and Players. FIFA 14 is optimised for tablet, there you can experience the best visual effects.
FIFA 14 sports has a killer music from great Artists, where it has the playlists of music from Empire of the Sun to Vampire Weekend.

The game has more than 16000 players, even has 600 licensed teams and 36 leagues. You can play the most famous Football leagues from English Premier League and La Liga to the German Bundesliga and more. You can build your own team by buying and selling the players. You can build your own brand of Football team with the Kits, Style and much more. FIFA 14 has simple, intuitive gaming controls which give you the power to play it in your fingertips with ease mode, Point to move players around the field, tap to pass, swipe to shoot and more.

2. Real Football 2013

Real Football 2013 is an amazing game and you must Football in your Android phone or tablet. This game is developed by the Game loft, who is the top developer in Google Play store. Real Football 2013 is an improved and successive version of 2012. It has a smooth and realistic, great graphics like real-world Ground and Players. When you start to play this Football Game, you will certainly enter into the real football ground virtually. It will amaze you and takes you out the real match. In this Game, you will have to develop your club to raise your club to the top of the league.

In the beginning of this Soccer Game, you will be given a team with rookie players. You have to improve their skills and ability to win all the matches and collect the championship rewards. It will make you feel the game realistic that will amaze you the most.

Overall this top gaming app is the best app for the football lovers, users can play the match and feel the joy and can have fun. So launch this app on your Android and enjoy the free Football game.

3. Top Eleven Be a Soccer Manager

Top Eleven Be a Soccer Manager is a popular online Football game, that is available in the Google Play Store. You can launch this app and play the game, where you have to create your own team and compete with millions of players in online. Be a Football Manager, You have to create and Train your team to the top-level to beat other teams. You can play for Cups, leagues, and others season.
Even, You can challenge other Football managers with your team. Challenge the other team with the spirit and excitement and play for it.

As a Manager, You have to train and set a strategy for your team before and during the game. It is very addictive and you have to change your strategy in real-time to beat your opponents. You have to make the team strong to compete with other teams.

All matches are live. Watch it with your friends and change the players and strategy in real-time, it makes you feel realistic and you can own the experience and the joy in the game.You can even have a bet your friends for friendly matches as it will very joyous and stunning. It supports cross-platform which allows you to play the game on the computer.

4. Flick Shoot:

Flick Shoot is a gaming application which provides the ultimate football Gaming Experience at the best in your Android Phones. This app has realistic Game Physics with immersive graphics, which will make you feel the real experience. You can feel Free kicks as it always fun and you will like this experience.

Now you can Install the game on your Android device and even it is free app now even you can get into the act of Free Kicks, even you can play in the different game modes like Arcade, Tournament, One Ball, Multiplayer, Time Attack, Goal Post, Targets. The new version also has the Tournament, you can get the latest notification of upgraded version of this gaming app.

5. Flick Kick Football Kickoff:

This is a gaming free Football app which is designed for gaming lovers. FIFA and Pro evolution have the Android Versions of the Game that once available only on consoles. However, those games cost you some bucks. To spend your leisure time with a free game that is available for a smartphone with great touch and swipe gestures to kick off the goal Flick Kick Football Kickoff. This game is full of fun with animated style players and four modes of Gameplay such Arcade mode, practice Mode, Bullseye mode, Time Attack. Just score the winning goal with the flick of your finger. It has an easy mode, where you can switch to it and play with your convince. This app is free and easy to install from the Google play store.

6. Football Kicks:

This an app for an Android device, where you can practice your free kicks as it has a sportive feature and makes you feel sporting activities. This game has attracted many millions of users and you can practice your free kicks. Football Kicks features six game modes: Beat the Wall, Beat the Clock, Win the Euros, Beat the Goalie, Cross the Ball and the feared Sudden Death mode. Even you earn free coins and purchase a customised kit for your player, unlock extra stadiums and even get a new swanky haircut.

This game offers a stunning Console game level visuals with 3D motion captured players and a choice of 3D stadiums, that is an amazing feeling for the users to experience it. Football lovers can install this app on their Android device and can have a fun and feel the realistic gaming experience.

7. Soccer Superstars Free:

Soccer Superstars is gaming app which is developed by the top developer of Google Play Store GameEvil inc This game offers animated style with real soccer play. You can start your game with your own team and guide your team to compete in the match. This gaming app ahs many followers, as they are experiencing the best gaming at their free time and at any place. It has 5 different modes; Exhibition, My League, Season, Cup and Dramatic Mode guarantee endless play time. You can customise the player and buy items for the extra powerful game. You can make your team compete with other teams and can have fun.

8. Football FreeKick (soccer):

Free Kick Master is the one of the most addictive football game. The Gameplay is simple, you have to kick the ball and Goal to score points. It is a fun game, where you can experience the best in your free time at any place from your android device. Even though it is simple to play but hard to master.
Simply swipe the soccer ball to kick. Can you curve the ball around the wall and goal? It is very entertaining and challenging, you will be totally captivated by the game. You can even edit levels and share them with other players. You have to make team strong to give a proper match and get a good score. This app is designed to gaming lovers and it very simple to make out but hard to play in the match. Overall, it is a good app for those who are looking for the best Football free kicks and even it is the free application from Play store.

Best free Football/Soccer Games for Android

Above are the top best Free Football/ Soccer games for Android device, so install the best app and have a happy gaming.

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