Best Download Manager For Android

In this article, we will look on to some of the best Download Manager For Android systems. A huge number of people are using android in recent times. And anyways it is a known fact to all that we always download many things from the internet.

But the sad thing is most of the people use just the stock download manager which means the download manager which is already installed in the android by default which is there already as in inbuilt.

5 Best Download Manager For Android

But most of the people complaint about those Download manager that it doesn’t give you much speed for downloading. It because the reason is just simple these download managers are very limited to certain speed limits.

5 Best Download Manager For Android Smartphone

So this is the reason my suggestion to use the third party download manager. Now let’s not worry about that now I can get you some of the best download managers for your android which can benefit you great. So here we go

Advanced Download Manager

This is an app which can automatically capture the downloadable files and even the links from the supported browsers. All you have to do is just a long tap on the downloadable link in your default browser and then after that choose this download manager to download the file.

This advanced download manager can support the browsers like
• Chrome
• Dolphin
• Stock browser
• Boat browser
And even many more
I would like to share you some of the best features of the download manager

  •  This can download up to 3 files at a time which is really a cool thing.
  •  Accelerate the download speed by multithreading.
  •  You can recognize the things from the browser and the clipboard.
  •  Backup the downloaded files on the SD card.
  •  Sound and the alert vibration of a completion notification.
  •  You can save the file according to the types in the unique different folders.
  •  Schedule the files which you have to download in advance.
  • Incredible site management.
  •  It runs the downloads in the background

It will support the queuing, auto-retry, pause and the resume.

Turbo Download Manager

This turbo download manager is the fastest android download manager which can boost your download speed in a rapid way up to 5 times than the stock downloaders.

This turbo app uses the multiple HTTP connections to increase up to the download speed to a great extent.

You can even increase maximum connections per download for a file. Some of the best features of the turbo download manager are
• The unlimited file size supported which is the main thing which we want.
• The best background progress.
• The Awesome sound notifications of the download completion.
• The best download history, you can check it out whenever you want to.
• You can configure the download directory settings.
This turbo download can help you great with its unique features.

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UC Browser

Uc browser is the fastest download manager for android. This UC browser comes with the fast and stable download. It has got the powerful servers which have made it.

It has got the best speed modes which enjoy the videos, the movies and even the TV shows without any of the buffering. In the UC browser, you don’t have to worry about the data saving you can surf as much you want without worrying about the data usage.

This does come with the ad block wherein it can browse and clean pages without any ads and you will not be disturbed by those ads.

Easy Downloader Pro

The easy downloader presents you a nice and an easy startup wizard when you firstly launch this app. Which can actually show you how to add the downloads to this app and even the prompts if you want to download.
Some of the best features of the easy downloader pro
• All the multiple files are supported here.
• You can download multiple files at the same time to speed up by at least 50%.
• In this, you can pause or resume the downloads.
• All the download files are placed in an order.
• The cool progress bar and the notifications.
• You can copy and paste the links to download the files and you can even rename them.

Loader Droid

This loader droid download manager has the capability to pause and resume the downloading file. This has the best option in it called the speed booster.
Some of the best features of the loader droid are
• This has an auto pause of the internet connection failure.
• It will resume with the internet connection recovered.
• You can download it with 2G or even 3G as well.
• It will recognize the links in the browser automatically
• This comes with a unique option for setting the default connection profile for all the things which you have downloaded and even the individual ones.
• It does have the schedule downloads like ADM
• It has a dark and the light theme for your preferences.


So, here are the 5 best Download Manager For Android Smartphone, go through them and let us know about your experience. If you have any other which deserves to be listed here, do let us know through comments.

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