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Best crossword apps for android and IOS

These crossword games can be one of the best ways to develop and train your memory. I can tell that it is a famous game which is all about the crossword puzzle with all the words which have invented over 100 years ago.

So these crossword games are for the people who try much keeping their all art at constructing the words.

8 Best Crossword Apps For Android & IOS

It’s not only for the people who are good at it even the beginners can learn techniques and gain a lot of memory if they start using these crossword apps.

Best Crossword Apps For Android & IOS

Let me share you these best apps crossword apps for Android and IOS

Crossword Light

This crossword light works like this is directly on your mobile phone. You can find the crosswords in many of the newspaper publications but now even have an option of solving them online.

With the help of this app, you can get some tips and new ideas on how you can work on it, meanwhile you can even have a look at your rankings. This can be a cool app for the beginners too and will work on both Android & IOS. Check out the IOS Emulator for Windows Operating system

You can download this crossword light app for free.  Some of the features that I can specify are

  • Works great and simple and very easy interface.
  • You can get a large collection of crossword puzzles in the full version.
  • There are a huge number of tips and a great access to the website.

Here is the link to App

Google PlayStore Crossword Light

iTunes App Store Crossword Light

Crossword US

Crossword US is a unique crossword puzzle which will be displayed for you in the grid. In every each letter you get 2 tips which will be depending on the words. This app comes with the 480 levels. It can be quite interesting one for you and works both on Android & IOS. Some of the Cool features in it are

  • You will be getting free access to 48 puzzles.
  • If you really want to you can buy another 8 packages of the crossword.
  • You get unique colors for the keyboard which makes it a little creative.
  • It also includes some common features like the jumping letters, shading to gray and much more.
  • You get an access to view the key.
  • The keyboard comes out with the 3 options for vision.

Here are the links to the App

Crossword US Play Store

Crossword US App Store ( IOS )

Crossword Puzzle Free- Redstone

This app will help you train your brain and will let you solve all the fun crossword puzzle. All you have to do with this is you can guess the word, use the tips if it is necessary and then put the right answer in the squares. 

You can play this anywhere as you wish to and have a great fun with it. Each month this app will be updated and you will be provided with the new puzzles which are added.The best part is it works on both Android & IOS.

Some features in it are

  • You can get the tips if you find it tough to solve it.
  • The tips will be given in various of the forms.
  • The best thing is you can play offline without the internet connection.

Link to the App

Crossword Puzzle Free – Redstone  ( Google Play Store )

Crossword Puzzle Free – Redstone  ( IOS Store )

Crossword Cryptic Lite

This can be the best application for the crazy fans of the crossword puzzles. This comes with 120 puzzles and various keys to them.

You can just refresh your memory and then guess all the words in the crossword grid. If you find something is difficult you can have a look at the tips and then solve it. Vivid seats vs Stubhub Ticketing Platform Detail review. 

You have an option of opening a single letter or an entire word as you wish too. This app works only on Android. 

Best features in it are

  • You can get 120 challenging crossword puzzles.
  • It is capable enough to change the scale of the grid.
  • You can view the tips whichever you want too.
  • You have different keyboard embodiments.

Google Play Store Link –>> Crossword Cryptic Lite

NYTimes  Crossword

This can be your best company when you are bored and you need to pass some time if you are into this app your time will not go waste you will be occupied yourself with something use full.

This application is known as one of the best crossword apps in the world.You can find the mini puzzles here even if you do not have the subscription.You can get this app on Android and IOS.

Android App link –> NY Times Android

IOS App link –>> NY Times IOS

Crossword Quiz

This can be a crazy crossword for you which comes with the 3 types of the keys. This works like if you do not know the correct answer you don’t need to worry you will be provided with the coins which you can spend it on the coins.

You can earn up to the awards as possible for purchasing more tips and even for opening the new levels.This app can work great on the Android and IOS.

Crossword Quiz Android

Crossword Quiz IOS

Penny Dell Crosswords

This is a crossword puzzle which you can download it to your phone. In this penny Dell crossword app, many of the editors are working on it to get much fun on it.

You will find around 150 crazy puzzles with the different keys. This crossword comes with the unique levels of the complexity. You can have the one which is best for you.

Some of the great features in it are

  • As per your wish, you can open a single word or the entire word.
  • You can get the best text input.
  • You get a lot number of tips.

This app can work great on Android and IOS.

Penny Dell Crossword Android

Penny Dell Crossword IOS

Daily Crossword

Surely it is worth having this app on your smartphone. You can have over 500 stellar solution crossword. In this game, you can get an ability to track all the achievements in the game center.

The unique features in it are

  • Upscale the theme of the passwords puzzles.
  • You can get more than 500 crossword puzzles to guess.

This app can work great on the Android and IOS.

Daily Crossword Android App

Daily Crossword IOS App


So, here are the 8 best crossword apps for Android & also IOS operating system. You can search for all these apps in Google Play Store & iTunes App store. If you like this article, share on social networking sites and help us grow.

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