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Best 3D launchers for android in 2017

Just get into some of the best 3D launchers for android operating system.The android being is an open source operating the system for the androids which is emerging very rapidly and has been also achieved a great stunning growth rate because of the level of the customization and it is offered the latest technology advancements by the google’s android OS.

Generally the stock launcher app of the android devices which offer you the limited functions when compared with the 3rd party launcher apps for the android.

Actually, most numbers of companies create their own android launcher on the top of the android smartphones and the tablets in the view to offer you the different user experience.

Best 3D Launchers For Android
I can give you an example like the Samsung smartphones and the tablets come with touch wiz UI launcher on the top of the android and the sony Xperia devices ship the Xperia launcher while the HTC’s devices which have their individual customized HTC sense and the blink feed UI.

10 Best 3D Android Launcher { 2017 Edition }

The 3D the themes for android will help you out easily to customize your home screen incredible which makes your home screen look lively like a real 3D effect such has a 3d movie.

And coming to these best 3D apps for android will surely give you the great 3D effects like
• The eye-popping widgets.
• A very interactive 3d interface which 9is just amazing.
• Mainly which converts your android home screen into a realistic and a lively one.

So here I would share you with few best 3D launchers for android which can make your android look great and realistic.

Next Launcher

The next launcher is a very luxurious one. This is really very expensive and highly customized 3D launcher. The price of this is $16.99 and it is mostly optimized much for the 3S launcher for the android devices. But I can assure you that even it is paid high it is worth having this Next Launcher, with my experience, I would surely suggest you try this one.

This next launcher comes with amazing animations and the cool icon editor options which can be the best one to your android.

This is actually one of the best paid 3D launchers in the year 2016.And yes I have another option for you if you are not affordable for the paid version you can try the free version of the next launcher.

The free version also comes with the great features with different customization options which are capable enough of giving you the realistic 3D effect.

Yandex Shell

You can get this free version of the Yandex Shell. I can tell that this is the most familiar and the popular one among the 3D launchers for android. You can download and install this completely for free of charge which is a good one for all users.

This Yandex Shell is really a simple one and it is very user-friendly. The customization in this comes like you can just customize your phone with just a single tap on your screen and the things can be done within the seconds.

This helps you to switch between the widget very easier and even in a rapid speed which feels really great. You can try this without any queries in your mind. It’s a cool 3D launcher.

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Go-Launcher Ex

This go-Launcher was bought up and developed by “ Julien Schmitt”. This does have the paid version and the free version same as the Next launcher which I have mentioned you above.

This has a full carbon which is a minimalistic theme which is only for the Go launcher Ex.
This full carbon comes with the

  •  The new unique design of the heading launcher.
  •  It has the minimalistic text icons for the dock.
  •  This does have the partial transparent dock.
  •  It covers you the carbon background for any apps icons.
  •  It does have a great wallpaper with the carbon effect.

This go launcher Ex also comes with few cool features like

  •  You can select the wallpaper very easily with just a single tap.
  •  Even the widgets are easier and even faster.
  •  With simple plugins and cool themes which can make your android look really special.
    And coming to the compatibility this app is compatible with the android 2.0 version and above that version.
  • You can have a good time with the free version but if you want to get rid of the pop-up ads which keep on irritating you then you will have to with the paid version which is $5.99.

UR 3D Launcher – Customize Phone

My list of the best 3D launcher apps cannot be completed without you the UR 3D launcher.
You can just enjoy using this UR 3D Launcher which has the cool 3D panels and even the fantastic 3D animated widgets.

The crazy thing in this which I can tell you is this can convert your home screen completely to 3D.

Coming to the customizations in this is

  •  The 3D launcher androids divide the each section of the different home screen into the pages which make you feel like just reading a book.
  • You can customize your android device with many of dashing animations effects with the crazy colors and the widgets.

Coming to the features It is completely redesigned UI.

  •  It is completely redesigned UI.
  •  The apps are auto classified into the smart folders.
  •  UR booster lite memory cleaner for more space.You can save your favorite apps right on your home screen to make your work easier and save your time.

You can save your favorite apps right on your home screen to make your work easier and save your time.

  • It has a sidebar for the quick access to the apps and the settings.
  • Will come with the lighting fast search bar for the apps, the contacts and even the web.
  • It includes a huge gallery of 2D and the 3D vibrant live wallpapers.

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Jelly 3D Launcher

Jelly 3D launcher can be the best 3D launcher for the android device. This comes with the creative 3D launcher for android.

This jelly 3D launcher works little similarly as the UR 3D launcher, this jelly 3D launcher also separates the home screen into many sections and you can easily name those sections with the unique names.

This 3D launcher gives you access to switch between the sections with the 3D view. The jelly 3D launcher comes with the great features and after activating that you can see the reflections of the each panel as you scroll down through the different panels in 3D.Talking about the price this is free to you use.

Features of jelly 3D launcher:

  • This has a brilliant 3D effect.
  • This comes with the most flexible 3D page editing mode which makes your editing simple and easy.
  • The interface is very user-friendly so that you can manage your app very easily.
  • There is nothing which makes things complicated in this app.
    You can download this from the google play store. You can get access to all the features but the thing is you can create only five folders, if you want to create more folders then you can upgrade this free version to the premium version.

TSF Shell

This TSF Shell launcher for the android device gets you the best 3D animations, very cool 3D widgets like the weather widgets, it has an amazing music player and the 3D clouds and much more which increases your craziness.

This has the lasso tools wherein you can rotate the shortcuts to some angles. The customization in this great as you can customize your android device using your TSF Shell using your android cell.

Apex launcher pro

The apex launcher lets you create a customized home screen experience on the android version compatibility from 4.0 version and above android device.

This apex launcher has great features, I would like to mention you all those features

  •  You get access over the powerful drawer customizations which includes unlimited drawer tabs and the folders in the drawer.
  • It gives you unread count pop up notifications which are available in the free apex notifier extension.
  • It includes doc swipe actions wherein you can swipe up and down easily.
    This comes with more gesture options.
  • This has additional transition effects like an accordion, cross and much more.
  • This does have the great flexible theme options namely ADW, the launcher pro and the go launcher themes.
  • It has a cool enhanced folder support like batch add and the merge folders.
  • This gives you the advanced widget options like the widgets in the clock and the overlock lapping widgets.
  • This apex launcher free version acts as a license key to unlock the pro features of the premium version.

Launcher 8 WP Style

This can be an excellent app for you with the great experience of the windows phone UI Style on the android devices. The best thing in this is this can make your android phones home screen look completely like a windows phone which is really amazing.

With this 8 launcher, you can customize the personalized windows phone layout for your android device.If you want to Use tinder without facebook then check out this article.

You can just be stunned by seeing your android device looking same as the windows phone which is unique from others.

I would like to mention few features of 8 launchers:

  • This is totally smooth running and non-stop fun using this app.
  • When it comes to the customization you can select different sizes of tiles, modify different colors and the icons of the tiles as well.
  • You can get some special features tiles like the led light, the live gallery and the live contact.
  • You can lock this screen with style password settings.
  • This status bar can be managed time display and color settings, you can get access to creating new tabs for the folder and hide and unlock the folder with the password.
  • Coming to the themes part you can backup and restore them, the themes can be uploaded and downloaded online.
  • It gives you the rich wallpaper background and also supports the dynamic wallpaper.

ADW launcher 2

This is the popular app which has been reprogrammed and redesigned from the scratch. In recent times we have also upgraded with few new features. I would like to mention some of them:

  • This ADW Launcher 2 supports the android 7.1 launcher shortcuts.
  • This has come with the latest icon effects section, you can select the image filters and the composition as you like.
  • It has a dynamic UI coloring with the help of the wallpaper colors.
  • This has its own unique way to add the widgets and the shortcuts, manage screens, change the wallpaper, lock the desktop, customize the settings.
  • This is given with the visual mode to configure the desktop, the way the icons appear.

Espier launcher 7

Espier launcher 7 is the android launcher that erases in just one swoop with all the characteristic features of the google operating system. This does substitute them with IOS 7.

This comes with all unique icons of your device which will be automatically adapted to look like the icons from the IOS 7, and even in their sections like messages, phone, contacts, browser which is on the down bar will be completely same.

In case you add some of the additional apps which are suggested by the espier launcher 7 wherein you can customize the interface more likely as you want. This is perhaps the most effective launcher when compare to the others. This is quite user-friendly.

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