Wednesday, 15 Aug 2018
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Belle – Bluetooth speaker and Wireless Hub

What is Belle all about?

Belle is the Premium Bluetooth speaker introduced by the PODO Labs. Belle is completely portable. It is been designed in a way that you can sync with the additional speakers what ever the brand is you can multiply your sound. 

You can experience the Bass as this Belle is a just powerful response which is down to 35Hz, which is lower than any other portable speaker out there.

Best features of Belle you can find

  • The Subwoofer Mode which can divert all the power from the high to low for the Amazing Extreme bass performance.
  • Belle is been supported with the Multiple Speaker connectivity, so you can raise up the volume and then high pitch sound by recruiting multiple speakers all play together which can be just fantastic.
  • It is been provided with the Dual bass radiators with the pulse and the pound for an exhilarating visual experience.
  • It has the powerful high quality 360 degrees sound.
  • Here battery back up of the Belle matters which everyone is most bothered about as you can have all day battery, you can play this anywhere for 8 hours which is more than enough to complete an event. This is one the best feature of it.

In brief about “Belle”

Speaking about the external things of Belle.

Mainly Belle is flash resistant and It is been designed completely with the touch controls.

Belle has the fiber glass handle where it is very convenient for you to hold it and It is been offered with the Dual Bass Radiator.

Belle Bluetooth Speaker

Belle is been provided with the multiple connectivities and been offered with the amazing sound system.

Here you can sync up with up to six other Bluetooth speakers and that makes you create a full system which goes everywhere and make the party hard.

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The best part is it accepts all the brands so there are no complications. It is been designed with the stereo surround sound, as the multiple audio channels can provide you an immense surround sound experience.

Dual Bass Radiators

It is been provided with the powerfully Deep sound and Belle reproduces the bass as low as 35Hz.

I bet no other portable speaker can beat this.The Dual bass radiators pulse and the pound with the music, creating the bass which you can literally see and feel. It gives you that experience.

Amazing premium sound

  • Belle has the audiophile – Quality Drivers.
  • It is been sourced from the top Taiwanese supplier of the professional Yamaha studio motors.
  • It is offered with 100 watts of pure power.
  • You can just fill the room with rich, high-quality omnidirectional sound.
  • You can supplement the sound at any point with more speakers.

Belle is completely portable

  • Belle has the wireless operation which is very user-friendly Bluetooth connectivity.
  • The best thing is it is offered with the battery back up of 8 hours.
  • This Belle can be fit for the adventure, as it is very easy to carry with its impact proof fiber glass handle.

This can be perfect to have it in home

  • You can just party in any of the room as this has a powerful sound.
  • You can just boost your entertainment system by adding up any of the dedicated subwoofers where in you can place it anywhere in your room.
  • Power belle through an outlet instead of using the battery accepts any 3.5mm aux.

For More details, you can check the Official Kickstarter Page –>> Belle Kickstarter

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