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How to Avoid Heating in Android Phones

Heating in is now a major problem in many Android phones, while gaming or just using the usual apps like UC browser. Some phones are infamous for the heating problem, namely, Redmi 1s, Yureka, and more (name it 😉 ).

Also, some of the SoC or Processors are also infamous for heating, namely Snapdragon processors such as SD 400, SD 810, SD 615 and some MediaTek processors. Now, on this post, we’re going to talk about some of the best ways on how to avoid heating in Android phones.

Heating in Android Phones?

Well, do you know why does your Phone will get the heating problem?

Key Causes

  • Excessive Gaming.
  • Continuous online browsing.
  • Old battery and inappropriate use of it.
  • Using your phone during the recharging process.
  • Charging while speaking.
  • Charging while playing games.
  • Installing some applications on your phone because of which it uses RAM and gets heated.
  • Overcharging of your phone.
  • Not removing the case during night and charging.

Key Solutions

  • Disable unwanted functions.
  • Turn it off during night time (when you are not using )
  • Don’t leave it anywhere for instance in sunlight.
  • Keep the check on your battery ( Don’t use an old battery ).
  • Switch Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when you are not using.
  • Turn Off Data connection while not in use.

How to Avoid Heating in Android Phones

Follow the below-listed steps with proper attention and care that will help you to avoid heating in your Android Phones.

1. Charge your phone properly

This one of the simple method but there are good ways and bad ways to charge your Smartphone. Some of these are probably listed in your user manual, but I have highlighted some of the general guidelines to follow. Here are some guidance follow these regularly;

First, make sure your Smartphone is out of its case and away from anything else that may cause the battery to heat up.

A battery subjected to hot conditions will not last as long as others and, in extremely rare cases, may even cause an explosion.

It’s also best not to charge your device for too long in the daytime heat. So just charge to phone 70 / 80 percent during the day time and fully charge the device at night time as and when the battery has run down so that it will avoid heating in your Android phone.

2. Keep it in a cool, sheltered place

We all have to understand the need to seek shade every now and again in hot temperature, but it is also important for your phone. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, as it may damage the battery and the screen.

Try to avoid keeping your device in a tight pocket where possible, particularly if you’re likely to get sweaty. It is better to keep your device in a larger pocket, or a bag or purse where it can keep it cool and safe condition.

It is safe to keep your Android Phone in dark shade and sheltered so that it will be cool and avoid heating.

3. Avoid diving & Water contact

The basic and simple advice is here – don’t get your phone wet and check your pockets before you dive in the water.

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4. Uninstall Unnecessary Apps

This is an important advice – it is more apps you install in your Smartphone, the more heat will be produced by your phone’s circuit board. Simple uninstall apps which you do not use because these apps always run in the background and suppose if you want to play games then these apps escalate the heat generated by the CPU & GPU. Please make use of this important tip.

5. Clear The Cache & Junk Files

This is a good tip which is looking for heating issues – Use a clean master app to clean junk and cache files from your Android phone or tablet. Cache is the immediate data that is used by the CPU to reduce RAM access. If the cache is always the CPU will have to work harder to access the data, the result is unnecessary to heat produced.

6. Use a RAM Booster App

Simple advice – Use the clean master app to free up some RAM/memory as High memory usage means many apps are running in the background.

Clearing the RAM will stop the system apps that makes high CPU usage, and Less CPU usage means less or no heat.

4. Tips On Using 4G/LTE/3G Networks & Wi-Fi Hotspots

If you are using 3G or 4G networks on your Android Phone, then make sure that the network response is always good. Because low network signals let the Android CPU work harder and that will also drain the battery faster and get hotter as the network signals stay weak, it will make high functioning frequently. So even you can move to a place where the 4G LTE network response if full and get rid of a heating problem.

5. Do not stress your Gadget While it Recharges

There are some of the people who are addicted to their Smartphone so that they would like to be connected to all the time. Instead of using your device all the time let your Smartphone rest in its recharging dock so that it will be relaxed for some time. Do not stress your phone while it is kept in it recharging.

6. Disable Unwanted Functions

This is one of the important tips – make sure you Turn Off some of the functions which are enabled that drained its battery and made it overheat. This is advice you to Turn Off of vibrations if you don’t need them; don’t use a moving wallpaper as it uses your gadgets operating memory maybe when you don’t even need it. But make sure to check your connectivity, and don’t leave them enabled if you don’t need them as your terminal will keep searching for new networks or other buddies to connect with.

A potential solution to overheating

If you follow all these tips, and your Smartphone still feels like it’s just getting heated, then it is probably time to quite literally and to chill out and avoid using it for a few minutes. It is normal for Smartphone to overheat sometimes in hot conditions, but there are further steps you can take to try to avoid it.

If the device stops functioning correctly, it will often be a problem with the firmware. One of the best ways to tackle the problem is Coolify. Coolify could be the solution to your overheating issues. Here’s what you need to know about the app

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What does it do?

Coolify is an app which prevents your phone of overheating by continuously monitoring the temperature around you and modifying the phone’s systems accordingly, particularly during intensive internet use or when you use a heavy duty app. A side effect of Coolify is that battery life is increased.

How does it work?

Many people may be skeptical about the app, perhaps suspecting it purely closes tasks to free up memory, but that’s not the case. The developers have tweaked the concept 80 times, and Coolify can now alter a device’s system parameters in some ways, including interacting with the battery. This level of interaction will, naturally, require root permissions.

For those who use custom ROMS, the app may vary in efficiency, depending on how the ROMs were developed, though Cooley is compatible with 80 percent of custom ROMs. It’s also worth noting how silently it works and how little RAM it requires to run. You could almost forget it was even running if the benefits weren’t so obvious.

Coolify helps you prevent your phone from overheating.

How do I use it?

Coolify is simple to use and well designed. Where the users just have to press ‘Turn On Normal Temp Protection’ to begin, accept the request for root permissions and the initialization process will begin.

This will be followed by the main screen, where you will find the current temperature chart. Other functions are accessed through the menu button in the top-right of the screen and include:

  • Cooling: A record of the dates and times when the app has cooled the device.
  • Settings: Allows you to set when to use the app, whether to use Celsius and whether to allow notifications.
  • Background: Changes the background to one of the several pre-set pictures or lets you choose any picture from your phone to form their background.

Coolify is the very effective app which is good at controlling the temperature of your devices and preventing over-heating. Smartphone manufacturers are also starting to play their part, attempting to integrate processors and hardware that produce as little heat as possible.

The app records a log of the work it has done. Therefore install a Coolify application and make use of it to avoid heating in your Android Phone.

These are the best tips to avoid heating in your Android Phones make use of it and free from heating issues in your Android Phones.

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