Wednesday, 15 Aug 2018
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Apple teams up with Alipay to conquer industry in China

In 2017 Apple has been doing good business in the largest populated country in the world, China. iPhone 7Plus has been a game changer for Apple as they ended the year as second highest selling phone in 2017 & they are eager to improve that position & be on top in 2018.

They are playing it smart with Chinese users, Alibaba which is the leading e-commerce giant in China is using Alipay as one of the payment options for both online & offline payment system. So, Apple will now partner with Ant financial which is originated from Alipay with an exchange offer of Alipay entering to App store.

Apple teams up with Alipay

This will be the first time Apple allowing a third party payment based application into App store. This move from Apple is no brainer as Alipay accounts for almost 62% of sales in transactions done in 2016 which generated almost $9 trillion.

So all together it’s a huge market for Apple to conquer. Apple is taking steps which would put it further closer to Chinese govt, earlier they gave 2 data center’s in the country.

Apple has been performing well in 2017 with almost all categories excluding iPhone X sales. They shipped 8 million units in Q4 in 2017 for Apple watch. This is a new record from tech giant which surpassed the earlier record from Fitbit of 6.1 million units in Q4 of 2015 for wearable tech. Also, these Apple watches will not work with Android devices, unlike Samsung Gear & Huawei which works for both Android & iOS despite all these Apple still made record sales in Q4.

Will see how this will shape up Apple sales in 2018 but before that they seriously need to find a better way for iPhone devices rather than just pricing it way above the reasonable price.


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