Android 8.0 Oreo Features

The  New Android 8.0 Oreo is the smarter, faster and just incredible than ever. The crazy and the best thing here is that the world’s favorite cookie is now your favorite Android Release.

You can get started on your favorite tasks which is much quicker with the 2x the boot speed when it is powering up.The boot time will be measured on the google pixel.

Android 8.0 Oreo

This android oreo gives you the access of customization that is you can minimize the background activity in the apps which you use the least.

The best-featured thing in this is the auto fill if you permit the auto fill remembers your logins in order to get into your favorite apps at great supersonic speed.

So here you can do multiple things all at once that is the picture in picture, this will let you see two of the apps at once, this is one of the best-featured design provided for you where in it is just like having the super strength and the laser vision.

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You can dive into multiple apps with the fewer taps.

You can get the notification dots, it works like you can just tap on the notification dots to just quickly see what’s the hot news and then just swipe away to clear them.

The best option you can get here is the android instant apps that is this particular android oreo gives you the access to teleport directly into the new apps right away from your browser, there is no any need of the installation.

Safe and secure

The google play protect will keep your device and the data very safe from misusing the apps by scanning over huge number apps per day, it is also for the ones who haven’t installed yet.

Life saver battery backup

You may be talking on the phone for a longer time, browsing something online, playing online/offline games, working or anything which might keep your phone busy but still there is nothing you have to worry about the battery backup, it offers you a long life battery.


Emoji is the best way where in most of us expressing our feelings by sharing it, so here it is offering you over and above 60 new emoji. This is completely a newly designed set of emoji’s provided to you.

Other Features

Best accessibility button which will let you quickly access through the navigation bar accessibility feature, it is like the magnification and the functionality within the accessibility service provided to you. For instance, it is like select to speak.

Here you can get access to optimize the volume and audio experience for the users with the disabilities.

Android oreo offers you the adaptive icons that are the developers can now provide you a full-bleed square shaped icon and the OEM’s which will let you mask the icon in order to make sure to ensure the intra device consistency.

The very best attractive thing with this is that you have the ambient screen that means the highlights which are incoming the notifications with the bigger font size so that you can even get immediate access to all actions.

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It is been featured with amazing background execution limits, where in you can know how exactly the app runs and check the system performance.

Android oreo is provided with the background location limits in order to know the frequency of the location updates which is happening in the background and that makes you get the best out of the overall system health.

The deep color creativity which will enable the applications to provide you the visual content with much more unique vibrant colors and then subtle the gradients.

It will offer you the full-color management which will let you allow the applications to render the images in best format and the quality intended.

The application does not need to bundle the custom fonts where in it will help you to reduce the size of it.

API will permit you to share the files across the internet through via web links.

You can get high-quality wi-fi assistant.

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