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Sites Like Reddit – Alternatives to Reddit

Reddit is the top most popular place on the internet for discovering what’s new and the latest thing happening on the internet. Reddit is really fast which is always updated and then certainly defines its tagline on the front page of the internet.

Its starts from the internet world to the technology sector, entertainment, the cool inventions, all politics and finally to the most celebrated personalities is what which is made the reddit gain such a huge number of audience.

sites like reddit

Reddit can be your best chance to find the best thing and the worst thing happening in the world. It has something to offer for everyone, it does not matter what you are into. Reddit does host meetups for like minded people frequently. It gives an offer or a chance to socialize and hang out together. So, we have shared Sites like reddit which will help you with multiple options along with reddit. 

6 Best Alternative to Reddit

Here are the best alternatives for Reddit, which can help you to attain the same thing on Reddit.


Quora has a similar functionality as of yahoo answers but works better than reddit. It has been a great place for the intelligent conversations which have sprouted from just a simple question from the experts of the respective fields. 

This will give the freedom for the users to ask the questions on the site and even in return, the other users can also answer those questions if they have an idea about it or the knowledge about the question which is asked. Quora has turned into a great place for writers.

It works like you just need to select which topic you are interested in and then you will receive all the questions and the queries which are related to the topic, then you can choose the answer as many as you want.


It is a similar site like Reddit which keep up all the news. This Newsvine is the world news aggregator, which is allowing the users to vote and then comment on the news.

Here it works like if you are good in words or if your words carry some quality in it they will publish your articles on their website, then giving you the best exposure and the feedback from a huge number of people who visit the Newsvine every day. It’s almost like a news article sharing platform. 


This is one of the best alternatives sites like the reddit. The unique thing you can find in this 4chan is that you don’t even need to register to take part in the posting images and the comment sections.

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This will allow you to participate in the discussion on the different boards such as the video, games, music, technology, movies, animations and many such.

When you check this website at the first time you may feel it is taken the similar design of the reddit. But the unique thing what they have come up with is here it is a copy and paste thing to form what we call Voat.

Instead of having the subreddits they have come up with subversives. It is a cool website.


This is the famous one among the technology fanatics, this is just not about hacking the news but even covers a lot of topics on the latest technologies, entrepreneurship and the startups.

The hacker news majorly focuses on the content in a simple way with no flashy bars but the news which is posted is been produced at trustworthy sources like NYTimes, BBC, Github, Y-combinator, Microsoft etc.


This is the trending news all around the world on a single web platform that’s all I can say about the popurls in a single statement.

Here you don’t need to pick a newspaper since all the latest thing happening in the world are updated here very soon before anything could do that. Maybe it is about the politics, the sports, the technology, the fashion or any latest gossip you need to know about.

It does not matter if you are at home, traveling or at your workplace if you just have the computing device and the internet its enough the rest Popurls see to that you get the instant access to the latest news happening around the world.

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