Aire – The world’s First self Flying Drone for the home

What is Aire all about?

Aire is the flying robot to your home, wherein you can monitor your home from where ever you are with the help of the app interface. The Drone meets the security camera. Air is the world’s very first indoor drone for your home, it’s overcoming the limitations of the today’s security systems, camera and a lot more sensors. 

Aire Self flying Drone

This Aire can fly everywhere in your home wherein you can see exactly what’s happening in your home. So by this, you can keep your loved ones and your homed property very safe.

How does this Aire work?

This Aire can alert you when it detects or here anything that is uncertain or not ordinary with its 360-degree sensors. You can launch aire from your iPhone or any of the android device to just check in case if there is any false alarm or in case if you need to call the authorities if required.

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The best features of Aire

Protect your entire home

  • It has a vigilant 24/7 watchdog with the provided motion detection when docked.
  • Completely mobile camera when in flight.
  • Aire can act as you’re all in one home monitoring and your best security solution.

Visit Family Virtually

  • The aire is the telepresence.
  • As it can check it on the elderly parents, maybe your pets or even just to have a look on your kids when you are far for work.
  • This aire can let you be there with your family.

Elevate your Smart Home

  • It is an extensible flying robot platform with over-the-air updating.
  • The aire can be used as the telepresence, by taking the photos or enhancing your smart home with IFTTT and the developer APIs.

Aire can be the best solution for

  • This can be the best solution for the people who are the homeowners for many of the properties who frequently keep traveling.
  • It can also be great for the renters who prefer a portable security and the monitoring solution.
  • It can be a secure feeling for the families with the independent elderly living alone people.
  • The real estate agents provide those remote virtual home tours.
  • Aire can be helpful for all the small business owners as well if they need to monitor anything if required.

How safe is Aire?

  • Aire is completely safe secure and human-friendly.
  • The Aire is safe enough to be around the kids.
  • All the blades and the sharp edges moving parts been safely enclosed in a soft.
  • It is provided with the durable shell so it will not hurt the children, pets, furniture or any of the home appliances.
  • Aire does avoid the physical contact in the first place with its 360-degree obstacle avoidance.
  • Aire is completely secure from hacking.
  • The Aire uses completely encrypted cloud storage, and the encrypted communications between Aire, Avena cloud and your smartphone.
  • You are in complete control of Aire and your videos.
  • It is quite enough not to bother you.
  • With the provided fan design, the aire is quieter and much more pleasant sounding than the standard drones.
  • The Aire is been combined with its lightweight, you don’t need to worry about the downwash blowing the things around.

Today’s alarm systems and the home sensors can alert you when something goes wrong in your home, but they can never tell you what exactly is happened or how serious is the problem.

So with this Aire, just a few presses on your smartphone will help you to investigate in deep, you feel just like you are present there.

With the provided Aire’s intuitive smartphone app, you can simply forward, left or right and then move the aire.

You can check more details in Kick starter page –>> Aire Kickstarter

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